I’m fully embracing Autumn now, which is just as well really as the weather certainly seems to have forgotten all about Summer. Digging out all my coloured tights and ankle boots has been quite enjoyable.… View Post

What a weekend I’ve had! I’m just back from running what’s probably the world’s silliest marathon through the vineyards of Bordeaux, drinking wine along the course! The Marathon du Medoc is certainly unlike any other running races… View Post

During our recent trip to Switzerland we spent a day sightseeing in Zurich. My husband had planned to surprise me with lunch at Hiltl, the world’s oldest continuously open vegetarian restaurant, but he’s rubbish at keeping… View Post

Well it certainly feels like the new season is here now with the kids back to school and grey, wet weather. I really haven’t missed the morning school run or the cooler weather. I’m hoping we… View Post