Another bad hair day and another hat! If you read Sunday’s post you’ll know all about the mishap I had with my straighteners. After a couple of days fretting about it (I actually lost sleep… View Post

Do you remember when I featured my green coat with red accessories? Well, while I was playing around putting that outfit together it sparked the idea for another one using the same colours. I bought… View Post

Have you ever instantly fallen in love with a piece of clothing only to find it’s beyond your budget? It happens to me quite a lot. If it’s too pricey to even contemplate buying it… View Post

My little girl is not so little now, and just like her mama, is showing a keen interest in fashion! She loves us to wear matching outfits…and to be honest, I do too! This isn’t… View Post

Until recently, I couldn’t have worn a bright green coat with red accessories. This colour combination just seemed too Christmassy, which in my mind was bad enough at Christmas. But wearing it just after Christmas… View Post