I’ve featured leopard print a lot lately, so in the interest of balance I thought I’d wear a bit of snake print. When I pulled out the leopard print skirt for the Style Not Age… View Post

I’m now fully in A/W dressing mode and loving all the new season stuff that’s hitting the rails. On the high street, Zara and Mango are really knocking it out of the park, with animal… View Post

Although it’s only the second week of September it seems we are done with the warm weather here in the UK. There’s a real chill in the air, and we’ve even debated turning the central… View Post

I’ve had to force myself to step away from the leopard print (albeit momentarily) and wear some of my other recent sale purchases. Even though I already own a pair of silky black culottes I… View Post

Two major trends I’m loving for A/W are animal print and shades of deep yellow. In fact I wore both of my latest obsessions in last week’s Style Not Age and Style With a Smile posts.… View Post