Damsel in a Dress grey coatAfter a lovely pub lunch recently we ended up taking an impromptu walk in the countryside to enjoy the Spring sunshine. I wore my Damsel in a Dress grey coat which I bought new on Ebay for about £10! It’s quite light so perfect for this time of year. I was so glad I’d worn flat boots (leather and not suede!) as we unknowingly strayed from the “footpath” and had to wade through a muddy field and stoop under a barbed wire fence to get back to the car! So my new Carvela boots were christened, but thankfully they looked (almost) as good as new after a good clean!

Damsel in a Dress grey coat

Turquoise and silver necklace


Silver and turquoise cabouchon ring Coat: Damsel in a Dress, denim shirt: Bellfield, jeans: Gap, boots: Carvela, bag: Modalu, necklace: from Mexico, ring: made by me!


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James Perse silk top and Zara jacket

The good thing about having an evening flight home on the Monday after our weekend in Paris was having the whole day to relax and explore, so as it was such a beautiful day we took a boat trip along the Seine. On our previous trip to Paris last July we took an evening Seine cruise to celebrate my birthday, so touristy but very enjoyable.

Paris Seine cruise

Pont Alexandre III Paris

Eiffel Tower Seine cruise

Moulin Rouge Paris

After a relaxing lunch in the sunshine, complete with a man playing the accordion, we took a stroll around Montmartre to soak up the atmosphere.

Posters in Montmartre

Montmartre artists

Montmartre art gallery

Paris Montmartre art

Montmartre hill James Perse silk top Gap jeans Nike trainersTop: James Perse, jeans: Gap, trainers: Nike Air Max, necklace: Les Nereides.

Paris Montmartre patisserie window


Steps in Montmatre Paris


Just what I needed…loads of steps the day after running a marathon!

Les Nereides Paris bow necklace

Paris nail art

Lamarck-Caulaincourt Montmartre balcony view

Charlie Hebdo April 2015

Before reluctantly saying farewell to Paris there was just enough time for a glass of red wine and a read of Charlie Hebdo on the balcony…parfait!


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Chinti and Parker striped  sweater

After running the marathon I was quite tempted to just crash out on the bed and stay there…tackling the five flights of stairs up to our apartment almost finished me off…Parisians don’t seem to care too much for lifts! But let’s face it, you can’t come to Paris and waste an evening sleeping when there’s so much to explore, so me and my blisters went out for a very leisurely stroll through the streets of Montmartre, trying to keep up with my husband and daughter (who always has far too much energy) and found a charming little restaurant to refuel and indulge in a much needed post marathon meal. On the way we snapped an outfit pic…well it’d be daft not too in Paris!

I like to keep my outfits simple and classic when in Paris so I chose a navy and neutral theme when packing for my trip.

I like to keep my outfits simple and classic when in Paris so I chose a navy and neutral theme when packing for my trip. I get so much wear out of my old Zara jacket, it’s one of the hardest working pieces in my wardrobe. Underneath I wore a Chinti and Parker sweater which I bought in the Outnet’s sale a few months ago, it was an absolute bargain and is fantastic quality.

Chinti and Parker striped sweaterSweater: Chinti and Parker, trousers: Asos, shoes: Marks & Spencer, satchel: Juno.


I don’t usually post food photos but this tarte tartin really was as delicious as it looks…after a lunch consisting of an energy gel and a couple of orange segments I was ready for an indulgent treat! There’s certainly no guilt after running 26.2 miles!

Tarte tartin

Tomorrow’s post is all about a boat trip on the Seine and wandering around the streets of Montmarte!


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Paris marathon Louis Vuitton Champs Elysees

It felt so good to be back in Paris, even if it did involve running 26.2 miles in 20 degree heat! The starting line has to be the most stylish on the planet…right by the Louis Vuitton store on the Champs Élysées. Being a part of the marathon in the world’s most beautiful city is such an amazing experience, so much so that this was my third Paris Marathon. Despite being familiar with the course I was still really nervous…you never know how your body will respond to the demands of a marathon, even seasoned runners can be struck down by an injury during the race and have to pull out. For back of the pack plodders like me the only goal is to finish, hopefully (unlike the previous two Paris Marathons) without a debilitating injury. The last time I took part I picked up an injury six weeks before and ended up running it with sciatica and shin splints. That was no picnic. I couldn’t run for two months after that. This year I wasn’t as fit as in previous races but managing to get to the starting line with just a niggling bout of tendonitis in my right foot was a minor triumph. My main concern was the weather forecast.

On any other occasion I’d have been delighted at the hot and sunny weather but I really don’t like running in temperatures over 15C so I knew I was in for a tough run. Ironically the previous day was perfect for me – cloudy, cool with a light breeze – but the weather gods were not on my side for race day. Consequently my feet swelled up quite badly so that despite loads of Vaseline and the fact that I wear men’s size 9 trainers I still ended up with horrendous blisters and battered toenails. Not at all glamorous!

Lamarck Caulaincourt steps Montmartre Paris

Setting off for the starting line…those steps were a good warm up!

Paris Marathon name board

My name among the 54,000 listed at the expo…it’s in there somewhere!

Paris marathon finish

Reaching the finish line was sheer relief, and of course being greeted by this little one was just the best feeling…even if she did guzzle all of my energy drink!

Over the next couple of days I’ll be posting about what I got up to after the marathon…believe it or not I still had some energy left for a bit of  sightseeing!


You can read all about my beauty running essentials in my previous post.

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Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Murad Essential-C moisture

If you’re thinking of taking up running, or even if you’re already a regular runner, beauty products might not be at the forefront of your mind when you’re lacing up your trainers and heading outdoors, but protecting your skin from the elements is vital if you don’t want to age prematurely. In the warmer months my skincare regime of choice is Murad’s Essential-C range. The Essential-C Day Moisture SPF30 has a broad spectrum sun protection, which means it shields skin from both UVA and UVB rays. The Advanced Active Radiance Serum contains a high level of vitamin C to protect against free radical damage and boost collagen. It also claims to help cells resist environmental stresses including UV exposure and chemical aggressors and prevent future pigment formation. You can read my review of the Essential-C range here. I also use the Essential-C eye cream to protect my peepers as well as a snug-fitting pair of sunglasses. My favourites are not the typical sporty type (I find the lenses are too small) but a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shades I bought from TK Maxx years ago. They fit nice and snuggly without slipping and I’ve yet to find any others that I prefer. A high factor sunscreen is a must for any exposed parts of the body – I always use SPF 50 in the summer.

One thing that really can ruin a run is chafing. Sports bras, trainers and clothing can all rub, which is made worse if you sweat a lot…I discovered that the hard way! Vaseline is cheap and effective but if you fancy something a little more luxurious I can highly recommend Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream both to prevent and treat any sore spots. The Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant stick is also perfect for preventing dry and chapped lips. You can read my thoughts on the Eight Hour range here.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Murad Essential-C moisture

Soap and Glory Heel Genius Malibu SPF 50 suncream Salvatore Ferragmo sunglasses

Hard working feet will appreciate a soothing and nourishing foot cream such as Soap & Glory’s Heel Genius after a tough session. Regular running can cause a build up of hard skin, which isn’t going to do those pretty summer sandals justice!

Benefit Benetint Clinique City Block Eye of Horus godess eye pencil

Now I don’t know about you but I just can’t bring myself to leave the house totally barefaced…vain I know but feeling pretty and working out are not mutually exclusive. Over the years I’ve put quite a few products to the sweat test (Clinique’s City Block and Benefit’s Benetint are firm favourites) but recently I’ve stumbled across some truly fabulous finds. The one area of the face which is relatively sweat-proof is the eyes so I like to define my brows and lashes. In my previous post I reviewed the L’Oreal Brow Artist Plumper which is now one of my running beauty essentials. It has fantastic staying power and costs just £5.99!

I have to admit that when it comes to waterproof mascaras I’m not too fussy, mainly because they tend to dry out before I get much use out of them, so I don’t like to spend too much on one. I picked up the L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes on a bit of a whim, which at £10.99 was quite a splurge for me, but I was really pleased with how it applied. It adds length and volume to my lashes with just a few strokes. As well as mascara I like to wear just a little eyeliner on my upper lash line for added definition, and right now there’s only one eye pencil for me. The Eye of Horus eye pencil which was included in my Dream Box 3 is probably the best thing I’ve ever received in a beauty box. I can’t praise it highly enough. For me it ticks all the boxes – it applies with the lightest of touch, delivers amazing pigmentation and does not budge.

I’ve posted a picture of me which was taken about an hour after I finished the Paris Marathon last Sunday and as you can see the eye makeup is still on. There’s just the tiniest smudge of mascara under my left eye but given that it was roasting hot and I got completely soaked several times running under the water sprayers I think these products deserve a medal for going the distance too!

Post marathon selfie

So those are my beauty essentials for running but if you have any recommendations I’d love to hear about them in the comments. I’ll be posting about my trip to Paris in the coming days!


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