About Me

Welcome to Style Splash!

Hello, I’m Emma Peach, a 43 year old journalism graduate. I grew up in Cambridgeshire, then at the age of 26 I moved to Nottingham for 13 years (where I did a Masters in TV Journalism) before relocating to the North West two years ago. I’ve worked in broadcasting since 2001, mainly TV, but also online and radio. When I moved to Cheshire I took the plunge and left my staff job to go freelance and have never regretted it!

I started Style Splash when my daughter was a year old, it was the culmination of finally feeling like I had regained my identity since becoming a mum. I’d always loved fashion and beauty so it seemed like the perfect creative outlet. I have to admit that I was more than a little intimidated by all the blogs featuring flawless 20-somethings wearing the latest designer clothes, but while there’s certainly a place for those blogs, along with the glossy magazines for us to aspire to, they don’t reflect the day to day existence of most people. Becoming a mum or reaching a milestone birthday shouldn’t create fashion boundaries…age is a state of mind, not a number!