What feels like a lifetime ago (but was actually about fifteen years ago) I did a series of jewellery-making courses. I’d experimented with beading at home but wanted to make rings, so I enrolled on a… View Post

Whether you love it or loathe it, there’s no escaping Valentine’s Day. Emails with gift suggestions are landing thick and fast in my inbox, and the supermarkets have their usual displays of overpriced chocolates and… View Post

As part of “operation declutter”, which I started on this past week, I tackled the hoard of magazines that I’d amassed. I used to buy two or three glossy fashion magazines every month, and rarely… View Post

I do like a challenge, especially when it’s inspired by another blogger. So, when I read Suzy Turner’s brilliant post about being perfectly imperfect, which invited her readers to write about the subject, I was… View Post