I’ve always been obsessed with jewellery; I don’t feel properly dressed without it. Over the years I’ve acquired quite a collection but I can always be tempted to buy more! I’m not a jewellery snob… View Post

Just over six months ago I made quite a big decision: to become vegan. It wasn’t sudden, in fact I’d been moving towards it for quite a while. I’d been pescatarian for probably a year… View Post

Firstly, apologies if your all “wedding-ed” out after yesterday. I managed to miss it as I was at the town’s annual Rose Fete where Isobel was dancing. Today is our 8th wedding anniversary, but it… View Post

Life has certainly not been boring since I got back from holiday – I’d only been back a couple of days when I was off to London for the weekend. Then, I was working in… View Post

Although the thing I was most looking forward to about my recent holiday was relaxing in the sun, I also wanted to be braver in the water. I’ve always been apprehensive in the pool and… View Post