Asos Tartan Scarf and Baker Boy Hat

January 6, 2015


Asos Tartan Scarf and Baker Boy Hat

One way to freshen up your winter wardrobe without breaking the bank is with a few new accessories.  I’d been looking for a tartan scarf for a while so when I saw the selection available at Asos I had to be very disciplined and only order one! After much deliberation I decided to go for this grey and red one.  It’s really soft and is quite big, so when it’s looped around my neck it’s really snuggly, but it’s also great for wearing draped around my shoulders when it gets chilly in the office.

Wearing this Asos tartan scarf and baker boy hat that I bought from a market stall in France certainly keeps the Winter chills at bay. Up until recently I’d never been keen on tartan but it’s a pattern that has grown on me lately and now I love it. I may just have to buy another one in a different colour!

Thanks for reading, I hope you have a lovely day!



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