Sephora Haul

November 12, 2014

Sephora Paris haul

My birthday trip to Paris in July gave me the chance to pop into Sephora for a little beauty retail therapy. I'd heard lots of good things about the brand from other bloggers so in the relatively short time I had (impatient husband pacing up and down the Champs Élysées!) I managed to select a few items that I liked the look of. The nude lipstick must have really caught my eye because I managed to buy two exactly the same! I also picked up a more adventurous shade of purple, purely on a whim. Both shades look quite sheer on the swatches but they are more matte in texture. Personally I prefer a more glossy texture as I find matte lipsticks can be be rather drying, especially during the colder weather. The nude shade has tiny shimmery particles which don't really show up in the photos. Sephora's range of shades is impressive but I was disappointed with the staying power. I had to reapply frequently throughout the day. At around €11 they are reasonably priced, but there are drugstore lipsticks available at a similar price point which I think are just as good if not better.

 Sephora lipsticks

Sephora lipstick swatches

The first thing I noticed about the lipliners was that they are a bit shorter than most other brands. That aside, the shades look very wearable so I picked up two neutral shades. The texture is creamy and quite soft, which I liked, but the colour payoff is a bit of a let down. Firstly, they are much lighter on application than they look. Also, like the lipsticks they slide off with the first sip of coffee in the morning. I actually lost the lighter pencil not long after buying it, but if I'm honest I'm really not that bothered. If I were to buy one of these again I'd go for a much darker shade, but then again I'd probably spend a bit more and buy Mac. 

Sephora lipliners

Sephora lipliner swatches

Sephora lip gloss tube

I picked up a purple lipgloss to either layer over the lipstick for added shine and moisture or to wear on its own for a sheer and natural look. It has a really lovely shimmer to it, and although it looks quite pale in the photo it does add a nice amount of colour to the lips. The texture is just right for me – not too sticky or gloopy, but just thick enough to give it staying power and keep lips feeling hydrated.

Sephora lip gloss swatch


I'll be reviewing the eye shadow palette, foundation and powder in a separate post.

Have you tried any Sephora products and if so how do you rate them?


Thanks for reading, have a fabulous day!



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