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January 24, 2017

Oakwood black leather jacket

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a few photos from the Fluorescent PR Press Day in London I went to last week. It was a fun afternoon, looking at different products and meeting people. There were some fabulous treatments on offer too – I got my nails done, false eyelashes applied and had my lips coated in glitter!

On the one hand I want to choose clothes and accessories that project my personality and stand out a little, but I also want to be comfortable

Deciding what to wear to events like this is always a balance between creativity and practicality. On the one hand I want to choose clothes and accessories that project my personality and stand out a little, but I also want to be comfortable. If your feet hurt or something is itchy/too tight/constantly needs adjusting, it can ruin your day. On such occasions I usually start with footwear and build from there.

Oakwood black leather jacket

It can be difficult to find a coat to wear with a long, flared skirt like this one

My black M&S ankle boots with a block heel are comfortable enough to wear all day and have quite a slender shape, so they look good with skirts and trousers. As I was going to be spending almost six hours in total sitting on the train I thought trousers might look crumpled, so I opted for a thick midi skirt with opaque tights instead. The skirt has pockets (extra brownie points!) and hangs nicely, even though it has deep splits. I teamed it with a lightweight cat and mouse motif sweater (previously seen on the blog here and here) and a necklace I bought from Sfera on a trip to Madrid.

It can be difficult to find a coat to wear with a long, flared skirt like this one; a shorter coat doesn’t look right, so I usually wear it with my leather jacket. It cinches in at the waist and balances out the volume of the skirt. The stretch panels on the sides and the sleeves make it super comfortable. The only pop of colour is the red bag and blue charm, although I did wear a matching blue scarf for travelling as it was a very cold day.

Arabella and Addison cat and mouse jumper

Jacket: Oakwood (similar) | skirt: Asos (similar) | jumper: Arabella and Addison | boots: M&S (similar) | bag: Mila Blu (similar)

Red Mila Blu bag

Arabella and Addison cat and mouse sweater

So onto the event: The venue was very easy to get to from Euston – just two tube stops to Oxford Circus, and then a short walk from there. The temptation to veer off into the shops was strong but I resisted! When I arrived I was greeted by the lovely Holly from Fluorescent PR who showed me around the stands.

Almost a week later and I still can’t stop looking at my shiny rose gold nails – I’ve had so many compliments on them

My eyes were immediately drawn to the stunning glitter bags by SOS15 – such fun and quirky designs. In fact there was glitter and sparkle in abundance because upstairs I had a Calgel chrome manicure thanks to the lovely Izabelle Hammon team. Almost a week later and I still can’t stop looking at my shiny rose gold nails – I’ve had so many compliments on them.

While waiting to have my nails done I had false lashes applied by Lash Unlimited which only took a few minutes but made such a difference. The strip lashes can be reused so I’m going to try putting them on myself for a special occasion.

SOS15 glitter bags Fluorescent PR Press Day Vivderma Fluorescent PR Press Day

Sukin Fluorescent PR Press Day

laura-gravestock-jewellery Fluorescent Pr Press Day

izabelle-hammon Fluorescent Pr Press Day

rose-gold-chrome-nails Izabelle Hammon Fluorescent PR Press Day

beauty-boulevard-stand Fluorescent Pr Press Day

glitter-lips Beauty Boulevard Fluorescent Pr Press Day

Beauty Boulevard Glitter Lips

Before it was time to leave I had the Glitter Lips treatment by the lovely Paula from Beauty Boulevard. I have to admit, I did wonder if it would draw too much attention on the train journey home, but I’m so glad I tried it. I’m now totally obsessed with this stuff! The application only took about five minutes but has staying power that has to be seen to be believed. It does not budge one iota. You can drink, eat…or whatever 😉 and it still looks immaculate. There are plenty of colours to choose from. I tried Vintage Pretty, a dusky pink shade, but I saw a few people try the red and it looks AMAZING…like Dorothy’s red shoes in the Wizard of Oz.  Ah, I could get use to being pampered over a glass of prosecco 🙂

What would be your favourite thing to try…chrome nails, glitter lips or false lashes? Let me know your fave and don’t forget to link up your outfits!

This is where I link up!

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18 responses to “Fluorescent PR Press Day + Style With a Smile Link Up”

  1. Such fun!!! I love your nails!!

  2. Oh my, Emma! Your sweater is amazing! Although considering my recent run-ins with mice, I am not entirely sure I would wear it…right now. But still, it is so amazing. I actually have a tattoo of a similar theme sort of on my private areas which features a little mouse and some cat paw prints! Ha! Too much information perhaps. Anyway, I adore this entire look! So great.


  3. Anca says:

    Aww, the cat jumper is so cute! I love it! xx

  4. I’d try the chrome nails, for sure!! I thought I’d paint my nails all the time once I retired, but this computer work just kills them, so I’ve been lazy!!
    I love how you describe what went through your head when getting dressed. I do that all the time!!
    The sweater is the perfect way to add whimsey and creativity to this outfit—I love it!

  5. Laurie says:

    Gutted that I missed it! It would have been great to meet up again too. You chose well, what to wear. I know that just travelling to these events can wear you out . Stylish, yet practical. xx PS have shared the link up again for you.

  6. You had me at glitter lips, I so want to try that!

  7. Jennie says:

    This looks like such a fun day. I am just dying over that adorable sweater! SO fun. I enjoyed reading how you chose your look for the event, as well.

  8. Liz says:

    How fun! You look gorgeous. That nail color is so pretty and the glitter lips is so cute!


  9. Elise says:

    Oh my goodness, so much good stuff in this post! Love your sweater, those glittery bags are amazing, and the glitter lips are fantastic! Great post!

    xx, Elise

  10. Ruth says:

    Looks and sounds like you had so much fun! I would totally love trying red sparkle lips….ya only live once! Haha. I love the light pink color of yours!


  11. Andrea Nine says:

    You are the cutest!!! Love the nail color! What a wonderful day!

  12. Anna Shirley says:

    This black moto jacket is great. It is nice that you add this fun cat-mice t-shirt. o)

    Anna xoxo

  13. Shauna says:

    That moto is so perfect with this look! I’m in love with that bag too!



  14. Imogen says:

    How cute is your cat and mouse jumper! Thanks for linking up to the Top of the World too

  15. Emma, I must be getting old! I was looking at your post on my phone and could have sworn I linked up.. never the less, I love the mix of colors here, your cat sweater is adorable and I lvoe the little mouse on the side! I finally bought a black moto as well. Love the bright bag to cheer up the dreary month!
    jess xx
    have a great weekend1

  16. Oh, I meant to say, I love those rose gold nails!! Mine turn 🙂
    jess xx

  17. Jacqueline says:

    Glitter Lips looks amazing! So fun!
    Stylin In St. Louis

  18. Proof you can never go wrong with a banging biker jacket – i adore your glitter lips too, as i’m a huge fan of glitter eyeliner! Yvadney x #BrillBlogPosts

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