Customised Denim Jacket

October 23, 2015

customised denim jacket

When I saw this article about customised denim jackets in a magazine a few months ago it reminded me that I had an old denim jacket stored away which a friend gave to me years ago. I’d never worn it and was thinking of taking it to the charity shop, but when I saw this I decided to buy a few patches from eBay and have some fun!

Gap denim jacket

customised denim jacket

It’s really easy to iron on the patches, you just need to remember to turn the steam off. Some of the patches adhered to the jacket better than others – the spiky edges of the pop art patch didn’t stick completely, but it’s not that noticeable. I chose patches that reflect the things I like – cats, Paris, fashion, and my favourite super hero…Wonder Woman!

customised denim patch jacket

lucky cat patch

Paris iron on patch

pop art iron on patch

Wonder woman iron on patch

AC/DC iron on patch

The back was looking a little bare in comparison to the front so I put the AC/DC patch in the middle. AC/DC are my favourite band so it seemed fitting to give it centre stage, so to speak. I may add a few more small patches to the back if I see some that I  like.

What do you think to the customised denim jacket trend? Do you like to alter things to your own taste? Let me know in the comments!

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4 responses to “Customised Denim Jacket”

  1. Your blog is lovely! I love that jean jacket! I am a mid aged blogger as well, I just turned 5o this year…style rocks at any age!
    best to you!

  2. Emma Peach says:

    Thank you Valerie!

  3. Rebecca says:

    I totally love this! What a great way to make fashion your own! The best part is you no one else will be wearing it! The patches you picked are awesome!

  4. Emma Peach says:

    Thanks Rebecca! I had to have Wonder Woman in there – I loved that programme when I was a little girl! 🙂

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