Dark Floral Print Dress

August 4, 2012

Dark Floral Print Dress

Do you ever buy things, put them in the wardrobe and forget about them for months? That’s what I did with this dark floral print dress from Dorothy Perkins. But sometimes rediscovering forgotten clothes is as good as buying something new – you get the buzz twice!

After being stuffed in a crammed closet with the tag still attached for ages I’ve worn it twice in the last few weeks. It’s a great transitional dress because it’s long enough to wear with bare legs for the office or with tights on cooler days. The chunky bangle from Wallis was also a long-forgotten gem. It’s amazing what you find when you have a good rummage!

Have you rediscovered any gems lately? Thanks for reading, have a great weekend x


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One response to “Dark Floral Print Dress”

  1. Caradiaz says:

    I know exactly what you mean! It’s easy to get carried away sometimes – perhaps more so in the sale – and buy things we then don’t wear and end up forgetting about!
    Being pregnant – and about to give birth actually! – it’s been ages since I rummaged through my ‘normal’ wardrobe but can’t wait to rediscover it as soon as I get back into shape 🙂

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