Seven Wardrobe Essential Items – February Match Made in Seven

February 26, 2020
Seven Wardrobe Essential Items - February Match Made in Seven

Welcome to February’s Match Made in Seven! We are an international group of fashion bloggers who meet once a month. One of us chooses a theme which can be anything – a book, music, a color, a movie – and then we style an outfit based on that theme. This month Darlene chose the theme of seven wardrobe essential items.

Choosing seven wardrobe essential items is like trying to pick my favourite food or song!

If you’re a regular visitor here you’ll probably know that I’m not a capsule wardrobe type of person! What I wear depends on several factors: weather, situation, mood…and whatever my latest obsession is (currently it’s statement sleeves so watch this space!). Choosing seven wardrobe essential items is like trying to pick my favourite food or song! However, I’m always up for a challenge 😉

Of course, your fashion essentials might well differ from mine. To a large extent, lifestyle and climate determine our sartorial choices. My seven wardrobe essentials are based on the items I wear the most.

The Classic Camel Coat

I only bought my camel coat a few years ago but it’s now one of my most-worn items. As a neutral camel goes with anything, and unlike beige it won’t wash your complexion out. Mine is a loose fit so it’s comfortable and cosy, plus I can wear it over even a thick jumper. In yesterday’s post I wore it over a long sleeveless jacket and black trousers, but I also like to wear it with my tan trousers and a pop of blue or berry tones and chocolate brown.

 Seven Wardrobe Essential Items - February Match Made in Seven, Great Plains camel coat

A trench coat

Seven Wardrobe Essential Items - February Match Made in Seven, Biba red trenchcoat

A classic beige trench coat may well be what first comes to mind, but a brightly-coloured one can be just as versatile and more flattering for your skintone. This ruby red trench works with black, navy, brown and grey. Plus it instantly elevates a basic jeans and trainers combination.

Seven Wardrobe Essential Items - February Match Made in Seven, emerald green Papaya trenchcoat

A trench coat is so useful at this time of year as the weather starts to warm up and we no longer need a big coat. (Well actually, I’m still waiting for that to happen!) I bought this green one on eBay a few months ago and plan to wear it lots over the Spring.

A black or navy blazer

Pom Amsterdam bugs jacket

I have lots of jackets in all styles, colours and prints, but a classic black or navy blazer is a wardrobe hero. You can put a jacket on over jeans, a T-shirt and trainers and instantly look more pulled together. My Pom Amsterdam bugs jacket (above) features some quirky details but maintains a classic feel. The navy Zara jacket (below) has been one of the hardest working pieces I’ve ever owned. It’s about ten years old and I’ve travelled the world with it but it’s still a firm favourite.

Equipment silk top Gap jeans Stan Smith trainers Zara jacket


Gap boyfriend jeans and white shirt

Denim trends come and go but my two favourite styles are skinny and boyfriend. For everyday looks I typically wear blue jeans, but when I want to look a bit smarter I opt for black.

Seven Wardrobe Essential Items - February Match Made in Seven, Frontrow coated skinny jeans, Silkfred leopard print blouse

My faux leather skinny jeans have proved to be a great buy – I wear them much more than I thought I would. I’ve even worn them for travelling in, they’ve really earned their place on my favourites list…

Seven Wardrobe Essential Items - February Match Made in Seven, Frontrow coated skinny jeans, River Island black fringed jacket


Seven Wardrobe Essential Items - February Match Made in Seven, Vionic black trainers, Meadowlark leggings

…which brings me on to trainers. Since my feet have been less and less tolerant of heels, trainers have been an absolute necessity for me. As you may have noticed from some of the photos above, I have white and gold classic-style trainers. But I have lots of other pairs too, in fact I’ve just bought a fabulous pair by Replay in a gorgeous brocade pattern. I’ll be wearing those on the blog very soon! For the last few months my most-worn pairs have been my black Vionics and and an old pair of green Nike Air Max. They were box fresh in the photo below on a trip to Paris – notice my old faithful Zara navy jacket over my arm!

Montmartre art gallery

Trainers don’t have to be limited to casual outfits though; in the photo below I’ve teamed my FitFlop sock trainers with matching berry-hued tights and flared jacquard skirt.

Black tailored trousers

These wide leg trousers made their first blog appearance only yesterday, but in the relatively short time I’ve had them, they’ve proved to be a very useful addition to my wardrobe. I plan on wearing them with my new patterned trainers for more of a smart/casual look.

Tibi black trousers Warehouse check top Carvela leopard print shoes

In warmer weather I tend to wear cropped trousers more than longer ones. The Tibi trousers in the photo above cost a bit more than I’d usually pay – even in the sale – but they were worth the splurge. I’ve worn them lots and they still look as good as new.

A bag that holds everything!

Leopard print coat, Jennifer Hamley vegan leather bag

I carry around a lot of stuff: purse, makeup bag, phone, sunglasses etc, so a roomy bag is essential for me. Although I own loads of bags, this Jennifer Hamley vegan leather bag is the one I use the most. Second to that is the cream shoulder bag that I take when I’m travelling (seen in a couple of photos above). The Jennifer Hamley bag has a really handy clutch on the front that zips off so you can use it for those office-to-bar occasions.

So those are my seven wardrobe essential items…what are yours? Don’t forget to visit the other ladies in the group to see what they’ve chosen!

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11 responses to “Seven Wardrobe Essential Items – February Match Made in Seven”

  1. Ellibelle says:

    So many great looks Loving the green trench coat! Thank for sharing!
    Ellibelle’s Corner

  2. Nancy says:

    I couldn’t choose only 7 too! Ha ha, there is too much to like in fashion! Love your colored trenchcoats especially the green one!

  3. Lizzie says:

    I love all these outfits! So many great wardrobe essentials! Also really love your bag and coat collection – so pretty!


  4. Jennifer says:

    I agree with all of these!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  5. Darlene says:

    Such a great take on this theme, Emma! I found myself nodding along as I read! Yes, black trousers, Yes, trench coats. (I have a green one, too, and love it!) Yes, sneakers/trainers, jeans…Both you and Nancy chose faux leather leggings–so fun! Thanks for sharing the great ideas.

    xx Darlene

  6. I couldn’t agree more that these are all amazing wardrobe staples! Love every look!

  7. Gail says:

    I would take over your wardrobe in a heartbeat Emma, you have such great pieces! Loving the red trench, the spacious bag, the red bag and the bugs jacket!

  8. Jacqui Berry says:

    I can see why you chose these, they are fabulous. Thanks for sharing on the #linkup Jacqui x

  9. Sherry says:

    These are such gorgeous looks!! Perfect wardrobe staples

  10. Jessica says:

    Can’t go wrong with the classic camel coat. Lovely picks you have here dear!

    Jessica |

  11. This was a fun list of essentials! I am like you…not a capsule wardrobe kind of girl. My outfits are always decided based on my mood, the weather, and all that stuff. I need all sorts of coats in my wardrobe plus jeans and boots are absolute staples where I live. Thanks for sharing your essentials and linking up!


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