New Wall Art From Gallerix

July 5, 2023

I’ve been freshening up the kitchen, living room and landing with some fabulous new wall art from Gallerix. Pictures and wall hangings can really transform a room and I’m constantly looking at ways to improve the overall appearance of each room in the house. Like most home projects, it’s a work in progress. I have various hanging planters and photos I want to display, it’s just getting around to doing it!

My new wall art from Gallerix was so easy to hang

Knocking nails into walls can seem a bit daunting, but thankfully, my new wall art from Gallerix was so easy to hang. The spring loaded clips that secure the backs make mounting them quick and fuss-free. You can hang the frames in both portrait and landscape mode, which is very useful if you want to change the prints at a later date. I’ve found Command strips and stick on hooks are really effective too. These are a great option if you’re in a rental property and don’t want to mark the walls.

Made with the environment in mind

The designs are created by talented Scandinavian designers, art directors and photographers.¬†Gallerix print all posters on demand, which means it’s the best solution for the environment. No material is wasted and nothing has to be discarded if it doesn’t sell. The printing is certified to ISO14001 and holds the Swan certificate for cleaner production and to ensure a sustainable forest planning. The electricity the company uses comes from local producers and the origin labeled with the issue of the Swedish power grid.

Gallerix update their range of wall art designs on a weekly basis with new and exclusive designs. The frames have a crystal clear extra thick plexiglass, so unlike glass, they won’t break if you drop them. They are also much lighter than glass. You can choose between black, white and oak wood frames, or metal in black, gold, silver and copper.

Modern art for the kitchen

New Wall Art From Gallerix, The Thundershower by H. Lyman Sayen Poster

We already have two modern art prints in the kitchen so I wanted to keep with that theme. The Thundershower by H. Lyman Sayen poster fits in perfectly with the style of those and adds some colour to the pale blue walls. I’m not really a fan of blue interiors but that’s what we inherited from the previous owners, and the blue tiles make it difficult to choose anything else. Adding colourful prints helps to bring the walls to life. They also cover any imperfections in the plaster and paint, which is a bonus.

New Wall Art From Gallerix, The Thundershower by H. Lyman Sayen Poster
New Wall Art From Gallerix, The Thundershower by H. Lyman Sayen Poster

Living room

The room at the front of the house is naturally darker than the back room, so I like to make it feel cosy. Adding rich colours helps to make it feel snug. I already have a print of Surprised! by Henri Rousseau and photos from our travels on display. This Cranes poster with its deep, rich colours fits in perfectly in this room. Cranes are said to represent longevity, happiness and peace. Along with my peacock, fox and stag cushions, it reflects my love of birds and animals.


For the landing I chose this Wild Anemone In Sunset Poster. I love the nature theme and the warm colours which compliment the decor and prints I already have. Previously, I had a square flower canvas there which was a pinky purple hue, so not really in keeping with the overall colour scheme. This looks so much better. There are so many posters to choose from at Gallerix – since ordering these lots of new designs have appeared on the website. I really like the idea of a gallery wall with prints grouped together. Whatever your style or colour theme, you’re guaranteed to find something you love. And the prices are really affordable too.

Which print is your favourite? Do check out the Gallerix website and if you see something you like you can grab a discount by using the code Splash30 at the checkout!

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Disclaimer: I was gifted the posters and frames in exchange for a review. All words and opinions are my own. Unauthorized use of text and photos is prohibited.


4 responses to “New Wall Art From Gallerix”

  1. Yvonne says:

    Lovely pictures… something for every room!

  2. Marsha Banks says:

    At first, I was going to say the one in your kitchen. And, then I saw the cranes, and that has my vote! There is something so majestic and ethereal about cranes. I love the color scheme, too! What wonderful choices you made, Emma!

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