Mother’s Day 2022 Gift Guide

March 25, 2022
Mother's Day 2022 Gift Guide

Mother’s Day this year falls on Sunday March 27 in the UK, so only a few day away now. (In the US it falls on 8th May.) If you’re still stuck for gift ideas I’ve got a few suggestions to help you out. But before we get on to the gift guide, let’s talk about why the date changes every year and why different countries mark this day at different times.

The UK only shares the same Mothering Sunday date with a few other places, including Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Man, Ireland and Nigeria. The date changes every year because in the UK, Mothering Sunday first began as a church tradition, and it takes place three weeks before Easter on the fourth Sunday of Lent. This was when Christians would visit their ‘mother church’ which is why we often refer to the day as Mothering Sunday.

Mother’s Day in the United States

In other countries like the US, the day wasn’t founded through religion and is specifically referred to as Mother’s Day. It became an official US holiday in 1914 when the president at the time, Woodrow Wilson, declared the second Sunday in May as a day of “public expression of our love and reverence for the mothers of our country.” The campaign for a national observance was started in 1908 by West Virginia activist, Anna Jarvis, who campaigned for a holiday in honour of her mother, who was a community activist. However, Jarvis is thought to have disapproved of the subsequent commercialisation of the holiday, which she felt overtook its sentimental origins. She even said she regretted starting it and at one point, sought to abolish it.

Now, while I generally baulk against the rampant commercialisation of special days, I do think it’s nice to treat mums on Mother’s Day (and dads too on Father’s Day of course). Gifts don’t have to be expensive or lavish – sometimes it’s the little treats, or the practical gifts that are most appreciated. On my last visit to my mum’s, I bought her a new vacuum cleaner as an early Mother’s Day present because hers wasn’t working. I have got her something more indulgent too though; last year I won a gift voucher for a jewellery brand so I got a pair of earrings for us both. (I’ve left hers in a secret place for her to discover on Sunday…don’t tell!) And there’s a little something else in the post too, which I won’t divulge, but this first gift guide suggestion might give you a clue!

Mother’s Day 2022 Gift Guide


Mother's Day 2022 Gift Guide, Narciso Rodriguez perfume

Who doesn’t love a luxurious scent? It can be hard to guess what someone else will like – I’m particularly fussy, but there isn’t a Narciso Rodriguez fragrance that I don’t like. It makes things much easier if the recipient has a signature scent. If you’re not sure, go for something similar to a perfume you know they like. Alternatively, opt for a selection of miniatures, which are great for keeping in your handbag or for travelling.

A Stylish New Coat For Spring

Mother's Day 2022 Gift Guide, Cotton Traders magenta waterproof coat
Mother's Day 2022 Gift Guide, Cotton Traders magenta waterproof coat

A new season calls for a new coat, and what’s better for spring than a colourful waterproof? I love this lightweight magenta Singing-In-The-Rain weatherproof jacket from Cotton Traders. It has an inner zip as well as press stud fastenings to keep the wind out. There’s a charming umbrella print lining too.

I’ll be sharing more photos of this fabulous waterproof coat* very soon!

Batch Coffee subscription

Mother's Day 2022 Gift Guide, Batch coffee

If you’re anything like me, you can’t function properly without a coffee in the morning! That hit of caffeine gives me the boost I need to get going with the day’s tasks. Batch Coffee offer subscription boxes tailored to your taste and preferred frequency of delivery. Each bag has a QR code to scan for information about the beans and what the experts say about the coffee. The bags are recyclable and made using paper from sustainable forests. The boxes are 70% recycled cardboard and fully recyclable, as is the packing paper. All of the coffee is fair trade. A one-off subscription box is also available, and Batch Coffee is offering a 25% discount on your first box.

I received coffees from Uganda and Colombia*, both of which were sublime. They were much smoother than my usual supermarket coffee beans…it’s so good I have to go back for a second cup. I don’t think I can go back to the cheap supermarket coffee beans now!


Mother's Day 2022 Gift Guide, Xander Kostroma crystal moon necklace

Exquisite jewellery doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Xander Kostroma jewellery features beautiful semi-precious stones and crystals at very affordable prices. I have the turquoise half moon pendant* (pictured above and featured here) as well as some charming cloud earrings (seen here). The quality is excellent, and the pieces are beautifully packaged. Xander Kostroma Gold Tone Raw Turquoise Crystal Half Moon Necklace* £28.

Luxurious Toiletries

Mother's Day 2022 Gift Guide, Tisserand Rose & Ylang Ylang hand cream and soap

Little gifts like hand cream and soaps are both useful and indulgent. I always have hand cream in my bag and in various rooms. I also like bars of soap – there’s something about the feel of them that is so much nicer than liquid soaps (and they’re better for the environment too). Tisserand have some gorgeous essential oil blends, including Rose & Ylang Ylang*, which smells divine!

A night at the theatre

theatre seats

After almost two years of Covid restrictions we can now actually go out and do things together again! (I’ve got tickets to two gigs this year and I can’t wait!) A night out at the theatre to see a musical, ballet or opera with a loved one will feel extra special now.

A Spa Day

Mother's Day 2022 Gift Guide, spa day

Also back on the menu are spa days! They are great for a relaxing get-together with girlfriends, mothers and daughters. We all deserve some pampering!

Afternoon tea

Mother's Day 2022 Gift Guide, afternoon tea

I love an afternoon tea! Sandwiches, cakes, scones and coffee…what can beat carbs and caffeine?

Of course, the most precious gift is time, but often work and distance makes that difficult or impossible. But I hope my Mother’s Day 2022 gift guide has given you some food for thought. And if you no longer have your mum and find this day difficult, I’m sending you extra love and hugs.

Do you have any plans for Mother’s Day? Which would be your favourite gift to receive?

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  1. Lovely says:

    Beautiful gift ideas! The coffee subscriptions sounds great, and that necklace is cute!

  2. Jennifer says:

    That necklace is so pretty!!

    Curated by Jennifer

  3. Jacqui Berry says:

    A beautiful post Emma, love all these ideas! I’m intrigued to hear what you ‘hid’ for your mum, what a lovely idea hun. I’m taking mum for afternoon tea to London, possibly The Ritz or The Savoy, i get to enjoy it too!
    Have a super week Hun. x

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