New Wall Art Ready For the Festive Season

November 22, 2021
New Wall Art Ready For the Festive Season, Poster Store Taj Mahal print

In yesterday’s post on quick and easy ways to refresh your home, I mentioned wall art. Today, that’s what I’m focusing on as I’ve added some more prints and frames from Poster Store to my bedroom and landing. Unlike last year when we were all in lockdown, this year we can have guests over so I’m busy making the house tidier and more welcoming. I’m excited to have mum stay over Christmas as I don’t get to see her very often. I’ve enjoyed adding some new wall art ready for the festive season…the Christmas decorations will come later. (I don’t put any Christmas decorations up before December!)

A corner of the house dedicated to far-flung places

This area of the landing is what I call “world corner” on account of the map print chaise lounge (we used to have a globe on the shelf but that now lives downstairs). So when choosing prints for that part of the house I naturally chose some scenes from different parts of the world. I originally had the Taj Mahal print downstairs, but I’ve swapped it for a different one (as you’ll see further down). I think it looks much better here. The balloons at sunrise and Budapest at dusk are also perfect for this space.

Poster Store Taj Mahal print, Budapest at dusk print
Store Budapest at dusk print, hot air balloons at dawn print

My bedroom has been devoid of any artwork since we moved in eight and a half years ago! It had been on my “to do” list for ages, but I finally got around to it. And…I hung them myself…another first! I picked up a fab little kit for £1.30 at the local independent discount shop; it contained nails, different types of hooks and a mini spirit level. Hanging pictures might not seem like a big deal, but for someone with zero DIY skills it’s nothing short of a triumph!

A DIY triumph!

I’ve got to admit, I was a little nervous about hitting a water pipe or electricity cable. However, I made sure I didn’t knock any nails in directly over power sockets and stayed away from anywhere there may have been pipes. The last thing I need in the run up to Christmas is an emergency plumber’s bill! Now I’ve mastered this very basic DIY task I feel a bit more confident about taking on other jobs.

I love the calming images of plants in the bedroom. The room’s colour scheme is neutrals – brown, grey and silver – so the muted tones in these prints add just enough colour. Having these nature-themed images on three of the walls finishes off the room really well.

Poster Store beach grass print
New Wall Art Ready For the Festive Season, Poster Store dandelion seeds print
New Wall Art Ready For the Festive Season, Poster Store dried hydrangea print

Majestic leopard

And finally, as mentioned earlier, I switched the Taj Mahal print for this fabulous majestic leopard in a tree. I think this works better in the living room because I have various wild animal ornaments and decorations here. If it was up to me I’d have a leopard print sofa and a mirror ball in this room, but I have to restrain myself! Maybe I could sneak a leopard print throw in, that would be a start. I’ll take the stealthy approach, just like a big cat stalking its prey!

New Wall Art Ready For the Festive Season, Poster Store majestic leopard print

The team at Poster Store have kindly given me a generous discount code for my lovely readers. Just enter the the code STYLESPLASH55 at the checkout for a whopping 55% off your order.

The code is valid on all posters (except Selection Posters and frames).

Not combinable with other discount campaigns. 

Valid from 22nd to 29th of November.

So, will you be adding any new wall art ready for the festive season? If you use the code to bag some bargains do let me know what you chose!

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Disclaimer: I was gifted the prints and frames in exchange for a review. All words and opinions are my own and totally honest. I would never recommend something that I wouldn’t use myself.


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Loving these prints!

    Curated by Jennifer

  2. Oh Emma, these prints are all so gorgeous! I just got a new gallery wall from Poster Store that I will be sharing on Friday! It makes me so happy. I hope you will check it out!


  3. Jacqui Berry says:

    Great posters Emma, love the choices. Jacqui x

  4. Divanir says:

    Adorei seu artigo, salvei em meus favoritos em meu navegador para depois ver outros conteúdos.
    Blog: Perfil dos Famosos

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