The Benefits of Going On Holiday + Sunday Reflections Link Up

April 8, 2018
The benefits of going on holiday
Greetings from the sand pit! As you probably know, I’m currently in Abu Dhabi enjoying some much-needed down time and sunshine. Of course, a blogger’s work is never done, even on holiday! Luckily we have WiFi, albeit a bit patchy. I will catch up with replying to comments and doing link ups when I get home.
It feels like a long time since I last had a holiday in the sun, and after the hideous weather we’ve had over Winter and early Spring I really needed it. But it’s not just the basking in the sun that’s lifted my spirits (although that helps enormously). Getting out of my routine is what I need every so often. It’s only when I go on holiday that I realise just how set in my ways I’ve become. Being out of my usual surroundings blows away the cobwebs and helps me to re-evaluate life. The benefits of going on holiday can be felt long after the tan has faded.

I had no idea where these strange bruises were coming from, but I was becoming concerned.

I had a very busy time at work in the run up to coming away, as well as a little health scare, which is still a bit of a mystery. The day before we went to a family wedding, I noticed a tiny bruise on my forehead which had appeared while I was running. The following day, as I was getting ready for the wedding I noticed another bruise on my face and my whole cheek felt incredibly tender. It became more noticeable as the day progressed, followed by more over the next couple of days. I had no idea where these strange bruises were coming from, but I was becoming concerned.

By midweek I had bruising around my eye too, so I went to see the doctor. I had a blood test which showed a low platelet count. My folate and B12 levels were fine (sometimes a vegan diet can result in a deficiency) so my doctor was rather perplexed. It could be due to a virus (I did have a cold) or an autoimmune problem. I have to repeat the test when I get back and take it from there. Otherwise I feel fine, and after sleeping lots for the first few days of the holiday I now feel revived and much more energised. I’m defintely feeling the benefits of getting away to relax and try new things.

The benefits of going on holiday


Using the gym here at the hotel has made me realise how much I miss it. Exercising at home just isn’t the same – it’s certainly harder to stay motivated – so I’m joining one when I get back. When we relocated almost five years ago I had to give up my membership at Virgin Active and got a treadmill instead. As much as I love running (both treadmill and outdoors) I really want to have the variety a gym offers. We spent an hour and a half kayaking through the mangroves on Thursday, which was a great upper body workout – my arms are feeling it now!


Something else I rarely do at home but always do on holiday is read. I’ve been trying to get through Antonia Fraser’s The Weaker Vessel for what feels like years! It’s a really interesting account of “woman’s lot in seventeenth-century England”.  I’ve read lots in the last few days and I’m determined to finish it within the next couple of weeks. I’ll set aside regular reading time instead of aimlessly surfing the internet and buying things I don’t need. Despite my love of devices I refuse to have a Kindle. When it comes to reading I’m old school and always will be! I love the smell of new books – I flick through the pages just to breath in the smell…do you ever do that or am I just weird?
The Benefits of Going On Holiday

Trying new food

I think I have a fairly healthy diet at home, but because there’s so much fruit, salad and vegetable dishes on offer here I’m eating better than usual. The usual dairy-alternatives aren’t available so I’m not scoffing vegan chocolate or necking loads of tea and coffee. I think I’m addicted to Baba Ganoush…it’s so delicious! I’ve got to find a Middle Eastern supermarket when I get home. Also, I hadn’t realised how many different type of dates there are – buying a packet from Lidl just won’t cut it any more. I’ve been spoilt!

The benefits of going on holiday


Making Plans

 Relaxing by the pool has allowed me to think – undistracted by a million other things – about what I want to achieve in the near to medium future. I have some plans for the blog, including a little redesign and refresh. Also, I’ve decided to start a savings account just for travelling. Rather than fritter my money away on clothes and accessories I want to spend it on doing things – exciting, mind-expanding experiences – and make happy memories instead of over-stuffed wardrobes (which I already have!). Oh, and I’m ditching the iPhone and going back to Android. There’s only so much nagging about running out of memory I can take!
Do you like to reflect and make plans on holiday?


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18 responses to “The Benefits of Going On Holiday + Sunday Reflections Link Up”

  1. Nancy says:

    Oh have a fabulous vacation Emma! Enjoy! But that will succeed as I read!

  2. Wow Emma how great! Happy holiday :))
    I love your dress. You look amazing in it.
    Enjoy your holiday, XO Tina

  3. Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing vacation – it looks so beautiful and warm! Thanks for hosting the link-up – I’m hosting one on Fridays starting this week, and would love to have you join!

    Bethany |

  4. Ooh, that bruising thing sounds concerning…I hope it turns out to be nothing serious. Let us know!

    What a fabulous trip it looks like you’re having! AbuDabi sounds so exotic…and certainly lying on a beach or by a pool right now after The Longest Winter EVER sounds positively dreamy. That *is* a good time to think about life and plans and goals…I always keep a little notebook with me when I go to the beach because I seem to have the best ideas when I’m NOT sitting in front of the computer!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip…and re-entry back into Real Life!


  5. The bruising must have been such a concern. I hope you have got to the bottom of it now. Holidays are wonderful for reassessing whats important in life. Often we are so busy steaming ahead we can’t see the bigger picture x

  6. I so agree with you Emma and am so glad you are having a good re-think and holiday. It’s like washing your brain, isn’t it?! I also never have time to read, unless I am ill (which I am at the moment with a horrid cold) or on holiday. I also prefer real books but take a Kindle if I’m traveling for months….you know me! And yes, I think it’s evident that I spend far more on my “experience” than clothes nowadays. The last outfit you are wearing is GORGEOUS, really suits you sir. And I am also a bab ganoush addict so here’s a really easy recipe for your return, have a wonderful rest of your hols. I can’t wait for mine, only two weeks now. Talk soon. Want to hear all about it as a destination. xx

    • Emma Peach says:

      I love the expression “washing your brain”! That describes it perfectly! Thank you so much for the link to the recipe, I’m definitely going to make some at the weekend – I’ll get withdrawal symptoms otherwise! I’m going to do a round up post of things to do and see in Abu Dhabi next week 🙂

  7. jacqui says:

    Enjoy your holiday, you do deserve it, and what better place than in the middle east! Thanks for hosting the link up, I hope you’ll join me on Thursday for #chicandstylish Jacqui Mummabstylish

  8. Suzy Turner says:

    It looks like you’re having an amazing time, Emma! Sorry to hear about the weird bruising before you left – I hope all is well and it was just related to the cold you had. But it sounds as though some time in the sunshine is doing you the world of good. Can you send some here?! It’s been pouring with rain here in the Algarve for weeks!!
    Suzy xx

  9. amy says:

    Oh my, those bruises sound so unusual. I never heard of such a thing. I wonder what it could be. Dubai! Wow! That must be exciting.

  10. Hi Emma
    First off, enjoy the rest of your time away! i can so relate to many of the things you wrote about needing time away in the sun and changing up the routine! It can really cause a kind of burnout and uninterest after awhile, so it helps to go away and do new things! I hope everything works out well with your health and it can be easily remedied,
    I am with you on making memories traveling and seeing parts of the world.. these are the things we will remember, as opposed to more clothes.. i know i have a full wardrobe, but hubby and I want to travel to different places in Europe to start. Kayaking sounds awesome!
    Love your beautiful maxi dress on you! So figure flattering and i love the print.
    jess xx

  11. take care of yourself and be careful, health scares are the worst. On a positive note nothing like a great vacation to help you recover. Enjoy your trip

  12. Joi @INMYJOI says:

    I love the idea of a travel fund, and allocating more resources to mind expanding experiences!!!

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