Why I’ve Finally Decided To Make a Bucket List + Link Up

March 4, 2018

Why I've Finally Decided To Make a Bucket List

When I first heard about the idea of making a bucket list I dismissed it as just another fad. I didn’t see the point of making a long list of things to do when it’s quite possible that you might change your mind about some of them before you get the chance to actually do them. But gradually I’ve been coming around to the idea. After all, there’s nothing to say you can’t re-evaluate and change your bucket list every so often is there?

They say you only regret the things you don’t do, and that’s why I’ve finally decided to make a bucket list.

We are constantly evolving, responding to events outside of our control, and being influenced by the people we meet. So it makes sense that as our priorities change, so do our goals and aspirations. I suppose many of us (myself included) have an idea of what we’d like to achieve and experience in our lifetimes. Making it happen isn’t always that simple though. I’ve read about terminally ill people making bucket lists and, with the help of loved ones and wellwishers, ticking off every single thing in a short space of time. Having a limited amount of time certainly focuses the mind. But none of us are promised a tomorrow. They say you only regret the things you don’t do, and that’s why I’ve finally decided to make a bucket list.

So here is my bucket list, which obviously is subject to change. One day I may throw caution to the wind and add bungee jumping and wingwalking 😉

Why I've Finally Decided To Make a Bucket List 1. Go on a safari.

You all know how much I love animals, so a safari had to be on my bucket list. I really don’t like zoos –  I know they can play a vital part in preserving a species, but I would much rather see elephants, giraffes and big cats in their natural environment. My husband  has already been on safari in Kenya, but we are planning to go as a family when Isobel is a little bit older and can fully appreciate such an amazing experience.

Why I've Finally Decided To Make a Bucket List

2. Take a hot air balloon ride.

Something else my husband has already beaten me to…twice! Ok, so it’s not a particularly daring thing to do (unless you’re scared of heights). The idea of floating away in a basket, especially into a bright blue sky with great views really appeals to me.

Why I've Finally Decided To Make a Bucket List

Photo courtesy of Arctic Direct

3. Stay in a glass igloo and watch the Northern lights.

This is one I wrote about for My Ideal Winter Retreat post. Given a choice of holiday destinations I would almost always pick somewhere hot and sunny. But I would make an exception for a trip to Lapland, staying in a glass igloo. Making a cosy nest of blankets under the thermal glass dome and watching the Northern Lights would be utterly breathtaking. It’d be worth staying awake all night for.

Why I've Finally Decided To Make a Bucket List

4. See mountain gorillas in their natural habitat. 

Of all the things on my bucket list, this is probably the hardest to achieve. Rwanda might not be everyone’s ideal travel destination, but I would dearly love to see mountain gorillas in their natural environment. They are such magnificent creatures, with eyes as expressive as any human. In fact they share over 98% of their DNA with humans. I find it heartbreaking that they are killed by poachers, and live infants taken to be sold as pets.

Thanks to conservation efforts, the population of mountain gorillas has increased from 620 individuals in 1989 to around 880 individuals today. It’s still a very small number though. I have found a tour operator that offers an 8-day trip, which includes flights, two nights in the Parc National des Volcans to track the gorillas, as well as other wildlife, and a visit to the Gisozi Genocide Memorial. At over £3000 per person it would take some serious saving and planning…maybe one for my 50th birthday.

Why I've Finally Decided To Make a Bucket List

5. Go scuba diving again. 

Last week I wrote about my experience of scuba diving and why it’s good to do something that scares you every so often. The plan is to give scuba diving another go and try to enjoy it more and be less afraid! At least now I know what to expect – even after all these years it’s etched on my memory!

Why I've Finally Decided To Make a Bucket List

6. See the New Year fireworks in Sydney. 

We were actually crazy enough to go to Australia when Isobel was only 17 months old. Apart from a vomit volcano on the first leg of the journey (about two hours from Singapore) we survived relatively unscathed. I loved Sydney, where we spent three days, before flying on to Adelaide for an Ashes test match. I would love to go back and see the New Year in there, while watching the amazing firework display. The only time I get to see fireworks is in the UK in November, and it’s usually bitterly cold. It’d be nice to watch a first class display and not freeze my ass off. I’m sure my husband would factor in some cricket too!

Why I've Finally Decided To Make a Bucket List

7. Drive a Lamborghini around a racetrack. 

Until recently this didn’t appeal to me that much. A few years ago I bought my husband a racetrack experience, and he chose a Lamborghini Gallardo. He loved it so much he went back for another go. I always thought driving a very fast and expensive car would just make me want one, so no point teasing myself. But actually I wouldn’t want to own one. For me they are too flashy and too high maintenance. Taking one around a track a few times though has got to be fun. All the thrills, none of the bills!

Why I've Finally Decided To Make a Bucket List

8. Get a micro pig!

I’ve been wanting to get a pet micro pig (one that stays small!) for ages, but my husband is having none of it 🙁 Pigs are intelligent creatures and can even be trained in a similar way to a dog. Despite their reputation they are not dirty and smelly. To keep a micro pig as a pet (in the UK) you have to register as a pig keeper and follow the same regulations as farmers. You also need a license to walk it and must carry the document with you when you take your little piggy for a stroll. Of course you have to be very careful where you buy one from – some unscrupulous breeders will sell you a piglet that quickly becomes a very large pig! I saw a TV programme recently featuring a woman that had fallen for that twice and ended up sharing her home with two Vietnamese potbellied pigs! Well, I’ve done my research and found a reputable breeder, I just need to convince my husband that it’ll be £550 well spent!

Have you made a bucket list? If so, have you ticked anything or everything off yet? I’d love to know what would be on your list!


28 responses to “Why I’ve Finally Decided To Make a Bucket List + Link Up”

  1. jacqui says:

    I’d have to agree with many of these, especially the scuba diving. I have got a bucket list and have completed a few things. You’ve made me start to think of mine again. Thanks for sharing yours Emma, I hope the weather is better for you and have a super week. x Jacqui

  2. amy says:

    What a fun and unique bucket list! I hope you get to do all these things someday!

  3. Emma, this is a fabulous bucket list! You are very creative and daring. I have never much thought about a bucket list, but I do think you have triggered some wonderings in my brain now. Thank you!


  4. Nancy says:

    I like the fact that a lot of things has to do with animals. I don’t have a bucket list, but I also want to drive a very fast car, preferably a formule 1 car, on a race track.

  5. I do think it’s helpful to write these things down, Emma!! Otherwise they are dust in the wind!!

  6. Emma your bucket list is great. I have’nt a bucket list yet.
    XO Tina

  7. In Interior Alaska, you won’t need a glass iglo to watch the Northern lights. What about a big cat instead of a micro pig? I always wanted a pelican or an alligator as a pet. I guess I live in the wrong state. LOL. Maybe I should settle for a big cat.

  8. Suzy Turner says:

    I always wanted a micro pig too! They’re just so adorable, aren’t they?!
    Love your bucket list, Emma!
    Suzy xx

  9. Sasha says:

    I love your bucket list, Emma! I would also love to go on a safari and ride in a hot air balloon! That micro pig is absolutely adorable: I want one (or two!!l) 😉 XXX

    • Emma Peach says:

      Only one thing better than a micro pig…and that’s two micro pigs 🙂 Apparently they like having the company of another pig, but I’ll be lucky to get one!

  10. Two things that I have always wanted to do are go up in a hot air balloon and see the Northern Lights in Lapland…great minds!

    • Emma Peach says:

      I don’t think it’s too expensive to go up in a hot air balloon – maybe I should do it for my birthday in July. I got my husband a flying lesson for his and he’s waiting for better weather to take it. I think it’s nice to have an experience as a gift sometimes 🙂

  11. Pam Greer says:

    What a great list! Mine would not be as adventuresome, but I do need to make one!

  12. Nina says:

    I so want to see the northern lights from one of those igloos! That would be at the very top of my list. The others are of course awesome too! A safari would be quite an adventure.

  13. Mutton_Style says:

    Well done you! I’m not that organised at all. I might take a few of yours. The race track for one.


  14. Mother of 3 says:

    Those are awesome bucket list ideas!

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