Blue Damsel In a Dress

March 31, 2013

Blue Damsel In a Dress

Spring must be here because I could actually stand outside without my coat and not shiver with cold. As long as the sun was out that is – the moment it disappeared behind a cloud I was back indoors. That said, this dress is quite warm as it’s double-layered. Some figure-hugging dresses are so thin they’re both unforgiving and unsuitable for colder weather, but this one by Damsel in a Dress is lovely to wear. I’m a big fan of the label as the garments are stylish, well-made and perfect for the office or a night out.

The boots are by Laceys which I bought discounted at Brand Alley.  Despite owning quite a lot of shoes and boots (massive understatement!) I’d never come across this brand before.  Like a magpie I was drawn to the sparkly detailing. My poor feet have suffered so much over the years by being shoved into constrictive shoes, but unlike most of my other ankle boots these are actually really comfortable! I chose a necklace I made myself to wear with it.

handmade beaded agate necklace

Dress: Damsel in a Dress, Necklace: handmade, Boots: Laceys.

Thanks for reading, have a lovely Easter xxx

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  1. Sammy says:

    The dress looks amazing on you, i love the color!!

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