Creative Cover Ups – July’s Thrifty Six

July 19, 2021
Creative Cover Ups - July's Thrifty Six collage

Welcome to another instalment from the Thrifty Six! This month’s theme is creative cover ups. Originally Lucy chose kimonos and kaftans, but we decided to broaden the theme to include jackets too because not all of us have preloved kimonos or kaftans. They just don’t seem to be as popular in Europe as they are in North America, so it’s very slim pickings here. It’s no coincidence that me and Nancy – the only Europeans in the group – are wearing jackets!

Right now I have absolutely no need for a jacket or any type of cover up because the temperature is almost unbearable. British people feel guilty moaning when it’s too hot because we spend most of the year complaining that it’s too cold/rainy/windy. When we do get a heatwave we’re totally unprepared for it; I spent over five hours on the train at the weekend without air conditioning – that would not happen anywhere else! (More on my very fun and sweaty trip to Cardiff in tomorrow’s post).

Creative Cover Ups - July's Thrifty Six, Marks & Spencer black jacket with flower buttons, River island yellow trousers

When I saw this jacket from Marks & Spencer in a charity shop I was immediately drawn to the flower buttons

Anyway, on to today’s outfit. Jackets are probably my favourite garment to buy thrifted because you can try them on in the shop without going into the changing room, and they are very good value for money. When I saw this jacket from Marks & Spencer in a charity shop I was immediately drawn to the flower buttons. To me they have a bit of a retro, flower power look. But I hesitated because I already have about six black jackets. Then I thought it might look good with these trousers and that sealed the deal. For less than £5 I didn’t need much persuading! As with all Marks & Spencer jackets, it’s very good quality and fits well. My yellow and white bag that my stepmother bought for me in Madeira seemed like the perfect choice for this outfit. Some white block heel mules and circular jewellery finished off the look.

Creative Cover Ups - July's Thrifty Six, Marks & Spencer black jacket with flower buttons, River island yellow trousers


close up of flower button on a black Marks & Spencer jacket
Creative Cover Ups - July's Thrifty Six, Marks & Spencer black jacket with flower buttons, River island yellow trousers
Creative Cover Ups - July's Thrifty Six, Marks & Spencer black jacket with flower buttons, River island yellow trousers

Marks & Spencer jacket (charity shop) | River Island trousers | bag from Madeira | sandals from TKMaxx

Time to check out my thrifty friends’ creative cover ups…

Lucy of Lucy Bertoldi

“I love Cover-Ups and I cannot lie!  Especially when they come in the form of vintage dusters! After rummaging my wardrobe to find the right piece to style up for this month’s theme-I noticed that this duster collection of mine is slowly taking over in containing my funnest go-to styling pieces. This one’s from the 50’s and way too cute to save for the bedroom- seriously though.”

Jane of Preloved-Vintage-Handmade

“Hidden in plain sight…

We’ve come a long way since the bathing machines of the late 19th and early 20th century…

…yet many of us still feel naked and somewhat vulnerable in a swimsuit.

Do you reach for cover when you rise from your lounger, or emerge from the pool?

Typical beach cover-ups are completely sheer and offer little or no visual barrier to protect our modesty…

But they’re a holiday essential – suitcase never to be zipped without that brightly coloured veil of gossamer.

Here I am in just one of my scarcely there wisps of fabric – this one scarlet with white polka-dots to match my bathing suit – how cute!!!

It must be psychological, a chiffon comfort blanket if you will…

Grace of Graceful Rags

“I really struggled with this month’s theme! I don’t own any kimonos, and the only thrifted jackets I have are too hot for the sweltering summer heat. So, I opted to play around with this pretty blue scarf that belonged to my grandma. I tried tying it as a top several different ways (I’m not cool enough to pull off that look) and finally settled on draping it over this white dress—a cover-up of sorts for brunch, dinner by the beach, etc. I wasn’t sure about this outfit at first but quickly loved the dramatic movie star vibes once I started taking pictures!”

Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge

“You all know that I am a huge fan of kimonos, but they are scarce items in second hand shops. I rarely ever find kimonos of any sort. So I was really excited when I was thrift shopping with my sister back in February and I found this amazing mossy green polka dotted kimono for just $3. I paired it with an old ivory romper and some funky green wedges for a sassy second hand summer look.”

Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style

“Well, this was a hard one for me as I am not a fan of kimono’s or poncho’s. But a cover up can also mean a jacket right? And the creative part is mixing three prints!  The jacket is pre loved, was part of a skirt suit. I love the huge buttons and the short sleeves, and the print, pied de poulle, has always been my favorite! Ever since I saw my grandmother, when I was about 7, wearing a pied de poulle coat! So elegant. She wore patent black pumps underneath with a bow! Perfection!”

That’s all for this month – I hope you enjoyed seeing our creative cover ups, and maybe we’ve inspired you to shop second hand too!

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8 responses to “Creative Cover Ups – July’s Thrifty Six”

  1. Nancy says:

    Oh indeed what a lovely darling buttons. You should have been crazy to let that one hang in the shop. Jackets are for me also the items that I wear most pre loved. Indeed, good value. Are you in Wales now on a holiday? Looking forward to read about it! Enjoy!

  2. Love the jacket! And yes of course it’s the perfect and chicest of all cover-ups! I was so surprised that it’s more a craze here in North America than where you are- did no know! I’m enjoying seeing all the creative takes on this theme this month- so fun! HAve a great week xx

  3. It is a fabulous jacket, Emma! I love all the fun little details and the bright yellow accents. I also love to shop for jackets and blazers in thrift shops because they really are the best deals! I am so sorry that you are sweltering over there! We had a few really hot days, but it has been a pretty mild summer so I really can’t complain (well, I could complain because all temperatures feel hotter in premenopause, but I will refrain)! Stay cool, my friend!


  4. Ann says:

    Who could ever resist such a stylish jacket, especially with those gorgeous flower buttons! What a great find, I would definitely have picked it up too! xxx

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