Leather Oakwood Biker Jacket and Skinny Jeans

January 29, 2012
Oakwood leather jacket, Gap skinny jeans, Purple Ri2k bag

A chilly day today so I’m keeping warm up in this gorgeous leather Oakwood biker jacket and skinny jeans. We’re on a weekend away in Manchester because we’re thinking of making the move up here. Potentially exciting times ahead!

If you’re big busted, it can be difficult to get a leather jacket that fits well…stretchy inserts really help with that

I bought the jacket for a bargain price in a flash sale. It has material inserts in the underside of the sleeves and down the sides of the jacket which gives it a bit of stretch. If you’re big busted, it can be difficult to get a leather jacket that fits well; either they’re too baggy on the waist or they pull on the chest. Having stretchy inserts really help with that.

I decided on suede boots rather than leather to vary the texture. These chunky-heeled platforms are from Office, where you can pick up some amazing  discounts in the sale. The skinny jeans are from Gap and the scarf from Asos. The purple Ri2K bag adds a pop of colour, which you need on such a dull day!

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3 responses to “Leather Oakwood Biker Jacket and Skinny Jeans”

  1. thewullsta says:

    mmmmmmm………very nice.

  2. Ana says:

    I love this look! Tough, but chic. And the bag is the perfect pop of color.

  3. Ewal says:

    Thanks for making a sincere effort to explain this. I feel strong enough about it and I like to read more.

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