Match Made in Seven: Ode to Iris Apfel

May 29, 2019

Match Made in Seven: Ode to Iris Apfel

Welcome to the monthly edition of Match Made in Seven! We are an international group of fashion bloggers who meet once a month. One of us chooses a theme in turn, and that can be anything. A book, music, a color, a movie –  and then we style an outfit based on that theme. This month Sonja picked an absolute corker of a theme with “Ode to Iris Apfel”!

When I read the email I was overjoyed at the prospect of adorning myself with copious amounts of costume jewellery! I certainly have plenty to choose from. While at first glance, Iris might look as though she’s piled on whatever she can find, pay closer attention and you’ll notice that everything is carefully colour co-ordinated. In fact she often sticks to just one or two colours, but combines lots of different textures.

Usually I avoid round sunglasses, preferring a cat eye shape instead, but I think I may be converted!

One of my favourite looks of hers is an all red outfit with turquoise jewellery. That’s what I’d originally intended on emulating. However, I couldn’t find quite the right red top, so I reverted to plan B, which is this outfit. I’m staying at my mum’s for a few days so couldn’t bring loads of clothes with me. I really wasn’t sure if this combination would work, but I’m pretty pleased with it. I didn’t plan on buying anything new for this outfit, but I couldn’t resist these shades from Marks & Spencer. Usually I avoid round sunglasses, preferring a cat eye shape instead, but I think I may be converted!

When I told my mum about this style challenge she said she’d never heard of Iris Apfel before, but when I showed her a photo of our muse she recognised her instantly. Iris has to be one of the most famous style icons in the world after all!

Iris became a household name in 2004, after her wardrobe became the focus of an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York. Before that she ran a textiles company with her husband Carl. Through their business, the couple travelled all over the world where she Iris bought pieces of non-Western, artisanal clothing, which she wore to clients’ high-society parties. Iris was also involved in several design restoration projects, including work at the White House where she worked on redesigns for nine different presidents.

More recently she has starred in ad campaigns for Macy’s, Citroën, and fashion designer Kate Spade. Earlier this year, at the age of 97, Iris joined modeling agency IMG. It just goes to prove – it’s never too late! I watched Albert Maysles’s documentary about her a few years ago on a flight and it was fascinating. What fun it would be to have a tour of her wardrobes! Below are some of my favourite Iris quotes.

Match Made in Seven: Ode to Iris Apfel

“I don’t have any rules because I’d only be breaking them.”


Match Made in Seven: Ode to Iris Apfel

“When the fun goes out of dressing you might as well be dead.”


Match Made in Seven: Ode to Iris Apfel

“If you don’t know yourself, you’ll never have great style. You’ll never really live. To me, the worst fashion faux pas is to look in the mirror, and not see yourself.”


Match Made in Seven: Ode to Iris Apfel


Jennifer Hamley vegan leather clutch

“Fashion you can buy, but style you possess. The key to style is learning who you are, which takes years. There’s no how-to road map to style. It’s about self expression and, above all, attitude.”


Match Made in Seven: Ode to Iris Apfel

“When you don’t dress like everyone else you don’t have to think like everyone else.”


Match Made in Seven: Ode to Iris Apfel

“I don’t dress to be stared at. I dress for myself.”


Match Made in Seven: Ode to Iris Apfel

“If you’re not interested, you’re not interesting.”


Match Made in Seven: Ode to Iris Apfel

“Coco Chanel said take one thing off. I always said put  another one on.”


“More is more and less is a bore.”


That last quote has to be my ultimate favourite. I think we should all be more Iris sometimes, don’t you? Please visit the other Match Made in Seven ladies to see how they’re paying homage to Iris!



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17 responses to “Match Made in Seven: Ode to Iris Apfel”

  1. Jodie says:

    Iris is truly an icon in the fact that she’s making history especially at her age. I just love this look Emma!!!

  2. Nancy Baten says:

    Oh you got me there with a beautiful black outfit! I Just told Jodie yesterday that I never wear vests! Yours would be the perfect one for me! Okay , back to Iris! Fabulous! Love it!

  3. wow emma great job! I like it your ode to Iris Apfel!
    Xo Tina

  4. Laurie says:

    Such an elegant look! Love it. The jewellery really makes the outfit so glam xx

  5. Emma, I love this outfit and of course, I adore Iris Apfel! This quote…“When the fun goes out of dressing you might as well be dead.” So true. I think I live by that sentiment!


  6. Bettye says:

    Oh Emma, what a chic iris you make! This monochromatic look is stunning and the LAYERED Necklaces are perfect! Well done!


  7. Ruth Josey says:

    Your outfit is stunning (why is this typing in all caps? I hope when I publish it, it goes to small-case…at any rate, i’m really not shouting). I love that you’ve chosen all black to showcase her jewelry (that and the round sunglasses – they look wonderful on you and, of course, on her). the statement necklace(s) you’ve added are just perfect with the look. i think you’ve done a wonderful job of this challenge!


  8. says:

    What a great, grEat,….. great look! You did it! Everything is well done!

  9. darlene says:

    Emma, you did such a great job imitating iris Apfel’s style! you actually look cute with all that jewelry! nicely done, my friend.

    i wonder what next month will bring?!!

    xx Darlene

  10. Jill says:

    Iris is such an icon! Love that she was your inspiration this month! This is such a glam look!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

  11. Suzy Turner says:

    Emma you look FREAKING GORGEOUS!! I reckon you should switch to round glasses because they look amazing on you!! (Having said that, I do love the otehr styles on you too). I’ve been a fan of Iris since watching the documentary about her on Netflix. I presume it’s the same one you saw? She’s amazing, isn’t she?!
    Suzy xx

  12. Fantastic hotel,great pics

  13. Oh gosh, this is unexpected but sooooo good. You look fab in this outfit. Brilliant figure and showing it. This style suits you bloody good.

  14. Jacqui Berry says:

    You’ve done rally well Emma, love the whole outfit my friend. thanks for sharing. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  15. Your look is perfect. Taking anything off would break it. It’s the right balance. Love the statement zig zag on the pants and the pile on of necklaces.

  16. Marlene says:

    Love this whole look! You look great in the round sunglasses and the necklaces are so chic

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