Matching Vintage Shirt and Bag + Style With a Smile Link Up

June 22, 2021
Matching Vintage Shirt and Bag, marigold Zara trousers

I got my second Covid jab today…woohoo! I’m hoping I won’t feel as ill as I did after the first one by tomorrow. But just in case, I’ve stocked up on paracetamol. The vaccination centre is in a small retail park where there’s a supermarket, and bizarrely there was a man with four Harris hawks in the car park! I went over for a chat and he told me they were having a day off from dispersing gulls and pigeons, you know, just chilling outside Asda! I put a couple of photos on my Instagram stories if you’re curious to see what they look like.

Miraculously, I’d bought a matching vintage shirt and bag without realising it!

As I had no photos prepared for today we shot these when I got home. I’d been watching a couple of shirts from the same seller on eBay, and although I was outbid on the first I was the only bidder on this one. By an amazing coincidence I’d bought this bag a few days before – from a different seller – and I noticed from the photos that the print looked very similar. When they arrived it turned out they are the exact same print! Miraculously, I’d bought a matching vintage shirt and bag without realising it! This kind of serendipitous sartorial event doesn’t happen very often, so it’s even more extraordinary when it involves vintage pieces.

To pick out the oranges in the print I’ve teamed the shirt and bag with these marigold trousers. You may remember that I recently paired them with a vintage blue shirt. I think this marigold hue is much more versatile than bright orange – in the same way that mustard is more versatile than bright yellow. I’ve taken another set of photos with these trousers and a very unusual top – a combination that I didn’t think would work, but to my surprise I absolutely loved it! I’ll be posting that outfit soon!

Have you ever bought matching clothes and accessories without realising it at the time?

Matching Vintage Shirt and Bag, marigold Zara trousers
Vintage brown print shirt, marigold Zara trousers


Matching Vintage Shirt and Bag, marigold Zara trousers
Vintage brown print bag, marigold Zara trousers, Miss Sixty orange sandals
Matching Vintage Shirt and Bag, marigold Zara trousers
Matching Vintage Shirt and Bag, marigold Zara trousers
And Mary fox ring
Vintage brown print shirt, marigold Zara trousers
Matching Vintage Shirt and Bag, marigold Zara trousers

Vintage shirt and bag from eBay | Zara trousers (from eBay) | Miss Sixty sandals (old) | SVNX sunglasses (Asos) | And Mary fox ring | Mango earrings and bracelet (old)

This is where I link up!

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23 responses to “Matching Vintage Shirt and Bag + Style With a Smile Link Up”

  1. Laurie says:

    What a scoop! What are the odds of that happening! A match made for you Emma xx

  2. Lizzie says:

    Oh my gosh! That’s too funny! It’s such a unique print too. Love this entire outfit!


  3. Jacqui Berry says:

    Wow, that’s so good Emma, what are the chances. You look super in this outfit too, thanks for sharing with us and thanks too for hosting. Jacqui x

  4. That’s so crazy that you didn’t realize that the top and bag matched. You are queen of vintage! Thanks for the link up.

  5. Di says:

    What extraordinary good luck you have at finding unique vintage pieces! I love the retro print and combining these matching pieces with marigold is perfect! Thanks for sharing and have a great week.

  6. This is the absolute cutest look ever!! So head-over heels for it!!

  7. Katie says:

    Love the matching bag and shirt! Such a fun and unique print! The fox ring is really cute too!


  8. OMG! You look stunning in this outfit! I love the print of your shirt and bag, they look amazing!
    Thank you so much for featuring me in your post! I am honored!


  9. Amber says:

    What a coincidence to purchase a matching vintage shirt and bag without knowing it! I can’t say that I have ever done the same thing unintentionally, but I love how it worked out for you! =)

    I hope you are having a great week so far!



    Follow Avec Amber on Bloglovin

  10. I maintain the fact that you are the queen of accessorizing! I can’t believe you purchased that bag and blouse separately! What a neat coincidence!

  11. Cheryl Shops says:

    Congratulations on getting your 2nd shot! I hope you are in much better shape than I was after mine 😉
    Cheryl Shops |

  12. Gail says:

    Brilliant stroke of luck! It’s a fabulous zingy outfit.

  13. Leelo says:

    Thank you for the feature!
    I love this outfit – and how lucky that you managed to buy a matching shirt and bag. I just love your vintage outfits!

  14. Nancy says:

    That must be faith, that they match. What s gorgeous print! I had my second one last Monday and I feel so tired!! But that will pass. And now I am waiting when your beautiful country turns green. When it does, I am off! I adore bird of prey, don’t know if they like it at a parking.

  15. Suzy Turner says:

    OMG how cool is that, Emma!? It was clearly meant to be, wasn’t it? And you look absolutely fabulous in the whole outfit. I’ve always rather liked oranges, mustards and browns together.
    Suzy xx

  16. Amy Johnson says:

    Such a great vintage look!

  17. Ann says:

    What a lucky coincidence to find a matching bag and shirt. I can’t remember this ever happening to me … They look absolutely amazing with the marigold trousers, and I’m swooning over your fox ring! xxx

  18. Rena says:


    What a fantastic find and I’m digging the retro vibe with orange.


  19. Lovely says:

    Totally loving this look! How cool you got the matching items accidently!

  20. I love this look and the print of your shirt and bag. The outfit looks amazing and what a great find – love the retro 70’s vibe, my favourite era.xx

  21. Celyn says:

    This is such a great vintage top! Loving how you styled it with these pants and peeptoes! So cool that there’s a matching bag too!

    Life is a Shoe

  22. Oh my gosh, you got a matching shirt to the purse! That is amazing! I thrifted a red suede skirt at the local thrift shop, then two weeks later I found the matching jacket! I was gobsmacked and actually shouted in the store, “I just bought the matching skirt two weeks ago!” Lol, the other shoppers must have thought I was crazy.

    I LOVE the marigold yellow pants with this look. Your accessories are stellar, Emma. Thank you so much for the link-up.

  23. Alexandra says:

    Too cool to find both matching pieces!

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