Paint Splatter Effect Dress

March 23, 2012

Marks & Spencer slinky paint splatter effect dress

Silver diamante panther ring

Dress: M&S, Bag: Ri2K, Boots: Office, Ring: Royal Ring.

Today’s outfit had to be simple and non-crease as I was going straight from the gym to work. This paint splatter effect dress from Marks & Spencer is perfect for such days as it’s light, takes up no room and you can screw it up without it creasing. The necklace looks as though it was made for the dress as the material is so similar, and just adds a bit of texture to the neckline. It’s still not quite warm enough for me to ditch the tights. However, if the weather forecast’s to be believed, the mercury will hit 18C at the weekend. If that’s the case, my legs might just see the light of day for the first time since September!

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