Tips for feeling body confident in beachwear + link up

July 15, 2018

Tips for feeling body confident in beachwear, Hunkemoller Doutzen flared playsuit

It’s been so hot here in the UK recently that I’ve been wearing my beachwear around the house and garden! Now, I’ve got to admit that I’ve always struggled to feel truly confident in beachwear; I’m particularly self-conscious about my legs. We all have that particular body part that takes longer to respond to diet and exercise, and for me it’s the thighs. For others it’s the tummy area, but whatever part you like the least, it can make finding beachwear that you feel good in a tiresome and disheartening process.

…it can come as a shock when you suddenly need to throw off the layers and expose some flesh – but I have some quick and easy tips for feeling body confident in beachwear…

You might think it odd then that I chose this playsuit, given my thighs are not my favourite part of my body. But, the fact is, unless you want to sit in the shade totally covered up – either at home or on holiday – you have to find a way to bolster your confidence. If you live in a generally cool country, it can come as a shock when you suddenly need to throw off the layers and expose some flesh – but I have some quick and easy tips for feeling body confident in beachwear that won’t break the bank!

Tips for feeling body confident in beachwear, Hunkemoller Doutzen flared playsuit

Buy well-fitting swimwear

When choosing a bikini, buy as separates. I only buy bikini tops in my bra size, because a set in a size 10 or 12 wouldn’t fit me properly. If you’re big-busted an underwired style will give you the support you need and create a more flattering shape.

Cover up in style

Choose stylish cover ups that can take you from beach to bar. This playsuit from Hunkemoller is made from a lightweight fabric, and the flared, airy sleeves make it perfect for popping on over a bikini or swimsuit. If you want to cover your legs up you could layer a wrap skirt over it as it isn’t at all bulky. I’m also a fan of wearing jumpsuits, tunics and maxi dresses over swimwear, as long as they are flattering and compliment the rest of my holiday wardrobe.

Add instant glamour with accessories

Accessories really up the glamour stakes; a big floppy sun hat, oversized sunglasses and a pair of statement earrings will instantly transform your beach outfit. I was recently shopping in the not-so-glamourous B&M Bargains wearing a straw hat and simple striped dress and the cashier said I looked like I should be in the South of France! Well that would certainly have been preferable to shopping for bird seed and loo roll! But joking aside, it’s simple accessories that can really make the difference to an outfit. Nude wedge sandals are great for creating a leg-lengthening effect, plus they go with everything.

Fake it

It’s amazing what a bit of fake tan can do; whether you do it yourself or go to a salon, having bronzed limbs will make you feel so much better about getting your legs out. Mine are usually deathly pale, but I’ve actually got a real tan just from sitting in the garden…and that was with SPF 50! I’ve added a little top up with Rosie for Autograph Amazing Radiance Body Glow, which has a subtle shimmer. If I go away in Winter I always have a spray tan first. Just remember to defuzz and exfoliate beforehand…

Personal grooming

…which brings me onto personal grooming. I can’t bear having stubbly legs. I use an epilator, which is a bit time-consuming, but lasts much longer than shaving. The only other downside is it does result in a few ingrowing hairs, so exfoliating is essential. I don’t find it uncomfortable, but if you have fast-growing hairs (like me) then it can smart a bit if you don’t do it regularly. A word of warning though: don’t be tempted to use an epilator anywhere other than the legs – trust me, I know from experience!

One other thing that makes me feel more confident is having freshly painted nails. I’m loving pastel shades at the moment – powder blue, lilac and mint in particular. Wearing sandals all the time means feet get a lot of exposure, so having pretty toes is essential for me. I do my own with quick dry polish because I would smudge them otherwise!

So those are my tips for feeling body confident in beachwear…I’d love to hear what makes you feel confident! Please do share your tips in the comments!

Tips for feeling body confident in beachwear, Hunkemoller Doutzen flared playsuit


Tips for feeling body confident in beachwear, Hunkemoller Doutzen flared playsuit

Tips for feeling body confident in beachwear, Hunkemoller Doutzen flared playsuit

Playsuit c/o Hunkemoller (currently on sale) | Topshop bag (sold out, similar) | Amevie sunglasses c/o (first seen here) | Moda in Pelle sandals (old, similar) | Asos earrings (similar) | Freya bikini (old, similar)



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15 responses to “Tips for feeling body confident in beachwear + link up”

  1. Brilliant post, my friend! And I have to say that I know we are our own worst critics, but from this perspective, your legs look freaking fabulous! I have thick thighs that jiggle a little and I swear when you had a nice high wedge on your feet, it takes care of everything! And yes to the tan! I was never one who would tan, fake or real, and just went through the summers all pasty and white. This summer, I accidentally got a tan, and I am really quite loving the effect it has! And speaking of body confidence, which I have about the same amount as any middle aged mom out there, I just did a photo shoot today in leggings and a sports bra…tummy out and everything..all jiggly and wobbly and clearly sucking in my stomach. But before I did the shoot, I managed to get a belly button ring through a very old belly button piercing…and I liked it! It made me smile and not feel so bad about my tummy jiggles! Thanks for the super inspiring post!


  2. Darlene says:

    Haha! Don’t you just love Shelbee?! So honest and forthright. I love that! And from you, too!! Great tips on styling a swimsuit at any age. You are so right; the accessories make a big difference! Thanks for sharing.
    xx Darlene

  3. Nancy Baten says:

    If I looked that good in beach wear I would be confidant! Very stylish! You are Saint Tropez worthy!

  4. You look fabulous Emma! I think there are so many glamorous cover ups around this year. I’m not holidaying anywhere near a beach or pool this year. But even so, with England being so hot this year – I’ll be taking on board your tips for the back garden! xx

  5. Kim says:

    Thank you for hosting. You look glamorous!

  6. Trina Morgan says:

    You look gorgeous! Love your outfit 🙂

  7. jacqui says:

    I’d kill for your legs! You look amazing Emma. I need to lose weight, and keep setting dates to do it by, but have NO will power. I love your photos, you look great in your swimwear, be proud of your body, it’s definitely worthy. Thanks for the linkup too. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  8. Patti says:

    Great tips, Emma, and you look summer-perfect in that romper. I’ve never tried the epilator, must investigate. Thanks for linking up, xox

  9. Wow, you look AMAZING!

    As far as feeling confident in a bathing suit, I really don’t, but I also don’t care. Ha. I always figure if people have a problem seeing me in all my bathing suit glory, that’s THEIR problem. I don’t know – is that confidence? Or apathy 🙂


  10. amy says:

    Pretty cover up! Love your shoes too.

  11. Jodie says:

    What’s not to love about this look, Emma?? it’s such a perfect summer way to enjoy the warm weather and embrace our fabulous bodies!! (not that I always think my body is fabulous, but I’m trying….)

  12. Bojana says:

    You look absolutely stunning and I am loving all the accessories. Brilliant way to take the beach outfit to a local bar/hotspot without changing the outfit all together. You also reminded me it really to get the toes done, I think I’ll make an appointment ASAP.

  13. Tianna says:

    beautiful summer beachwear! thanks for these helpful tips 🙂

  14. woohoo! You look amazing emma! great legs. I love the jumper over the swimsuit with your bright colors. One of these days i am going to have to find a hat that suits me.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

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