We Are Not Angry Birds – November’s Thrifty Six

November 21, 2022
We Are Not Angry Birds - November's Thrifty Six, collage

We Are Not Angry Birds…there’s blog post title I never thought I’d write! Nancy really threw us a curveball with this challenge! At first, I searched through my blog archives to see if I had something preloved with a bird print, but I couldn’t find anything. Then my mind turned to feathers and I remembered that I had this pink feather clutch that I bought on eBay years ago. That was my starting point for the outfit and it just got more flamboyant from then on…I ended up looking like a flamingo dipped in pearls!

Channeling my inner flamingo

Putting together this outfit felt like an act of defiance after being in my pyjamas and feeling like death warmed up for days. I still haven’t fully shaken it off, but washing my hair and putting makeup on felt good! Dodging the rain was another challenge – it just never seems to stop. I could be an angry bird thinking about winters in the UK, but I’m going to channel my inner flamingo instead and dream of retirement in the sun.

We Are Not Angry Birds - November's Thrifty Six, Coco Boo Loves pink feather trim trousers, Dona Hortensia pink pearl embellished blouse, Topshop pink feather bag

After choosing the bag as a starting point I then decided to incorporate more feathers with these trousers. I bought them from Coco Boo Loves ages ago but haven’t worn them before. (They prompted the usual remarks from Pete about being OTT!) The feathers shed a lot, and I have to be careful not to stand on them. They are super comfortable though thanks to the stretchy fabric.

Fun/weird fact: I’m a bit obsessed with feathers and have a box full of them that I’ve collected over the years. I have feathers from a variety of species – eagle owl, raven, magpie, buzzard, pheasant and swan to name a few. I’ve even put them in plant pots and have one as a bookmark. I find them beautiful and fascinating. (Once I followed a peacock around once hoping it would shed one of its glorious feathers!).

Although feathers and pearls is a decadent combination I rather like it!

As I was wondering what to wear with these trousers my eyes fell to this pearl embellished blouse that was hanging on the wardrobe door. I bought it in Madeira at the same time as the eye print faux suede jacket. As soon as I walked into the shop I saw it and loved it. I picked it up and put it down several times before concluding that if I didn’t buy it I’d regret it as we were going home that day. The pearls are attached by mini press studs rather than sewn on, so hopefully they won’t fall off. Washing and ironing it may be a challenge though! I would never have considered pairing this blouse with these trousers if it wasn’t for this challenge; although feathers and pearls is a decadent combination I rather like it!

Just as I was about to put on some pearl earrings, I remembered these flamingo beauties that I bought a couple of years ago. And that completed the look. It’s impossible to be an angry bird in an outfit like this!

We Are Not Angry Birds - November's Thrifty Six, Dona Hortensia pink pearl embellished blouse, flamingo earrings


We Are Not Angry Birds - November's Thrifty Six, Coco Boo Loves pink feather trim trousers, Dona Hortensia pink pearl embellished blouse, Topshop pink feather bag
We Are Not Angry Birds - November's Thrifty Six, Dona Hortensia pink pearl embellished blouse, Topshop pink feather bag, Missoni pink sunglasses

We Are Not Angry Birds - November's Thrifty Six, Coco Bool Love pink feather trim trousers, Dona Hortensia pink pearl embellished blouse, Topshop pink feather bag

Blouse from Dona Hortensia in Funchal | Trousers from Coco Boo Loves (no longer available, similar linked in widget) | Marks & Spencer boots (old) | Topshop bag (from eBay)

Now see how my fabulous friends have interpreted this feathery theme!

Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style

“I can get really upset about certain things. About the situation in the world, for example. It gets grimmer and grimmer. I often think, where is it going to lead. Will it ever be ‘normal’ again. Or is this the new now. Well, if there’s one thing that can make a person happy, it’s birds. The lovely chattering in the spring. We have to wait a little longer there for that, but we can wear a nice bird print of course. Anyway I do, let’s see if my friends had the same thoughts.”


Grace of Graceful Rags

“We are not angry birds… After the initial surprise of this unique theme, my mind immediately jumped to this faux fur teal jacket that I thrifted while in Scotland. I guess my thinking was… faux fur is kind of like feathers? And this color reminds me of the beautiful plumage of a peacock? After my boyfriend saw the outfit and heard the theme, he reminded me that I am *not* an angry bird… which, according to the once-popular game, means I should have dressed up as a green pig, ha!”


Jane of Preloved-Vintage-Handmade

“Ravens are not angry birds…

The Thrifty Six theme for November is ‘We’re not angry birds’

Interesting eh – well this is where I’m taking it…

The statement leather collar on this dress reminds me of Raven’s wings.

I love Ravens, I watch them every day from my window.

People often think they’re sinister…

…but they’re actually funny and clever…

…definitely not angry birds!”


Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge

“I have to admit that I was unsure how to interpret Nancy’s theme of ‘We Are Not Angry Birds’. In fact, I didn’t really interpret it at all. I put on this mostly thrifted outfit one day just because I had been wanting to style the striped duster. As we headed out to take photographs, it occurred to me that this outfit was making me really happy and I was definitely NOT an angry bird wearing it! It’s the perfect amount of print mixing and unique combination of pieces that really suits my quirky soul. My duster, skirt, velvet jacket, and necklace were all purchased second hand.”


Six have become five

You may have noticed that there are only five of us this month. That’s because sadly, Lucy has decided to leave the group. We will miss her enormously but wish her all the best. And of course, we will continue to follow and support her on her blog and on social media. Thank you Lucy for your contribution! So now we are looking for a thrifty friend to join our little group. Please do get in touch if you are interested!

I’ll be publishing the Style With a Smile link up post on Wednesday this week because I don’t have anything prepared and there is zero chance of getting photos today due to the weather! Hope to see you then!

This is where I link up!

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8 responses to “We Are Not Angry Birds – November’s Thrifty Six”

  1. Yvonne says:

    I adore your feathery look – fabulously pink too!

    Have a beautiful week,
    Yvonne xxx

  2. Nancy says:

    Fabulous! Love the top with the pearls. And those trousers!! I’m glad to read you are feeling a bit better.
    I love it so much not everyone interpretated this theme so differently!

  3. Anna says:

    I think you look fantastic in this outfit, Emma. I like the fact that you chose more is more option and it worked brilliantly. Anna

  4. It’s impossible to be an angry bird looking at you wearing this outfit! How fun! You do look like a pearl-dipped flamingo and you pull it off brilliantly! I have to say that I think Iris Apfel would approve of an outfit like this! I love everything about it, my friend. Well done!


  5. Jennifer says:

    those pants are amazing!!!

    Curated by Jennifer

  6. On certain programs, I hear women called “birds”, maybe it was the Essex one.. so double entountra.. actual birds in print, feathers, ladies.. I love it! You find such fun pieces! I love the pearls on the pink top and those feathers on the pants! Feathers are trending right now! The bag was a great piece to start with .
    jess xx

  7. Ashley says:

    You look so bright and cheery, I love it!


  8. This is such a funky and vibrant outfit, you look absolutely fantastic! <3


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