Acts of Lockdown Kindness – Connecting With Loved Ones From Afar + Sunday Reflections link up

May 10, 2020
Acts of Lockdown Kindness - Connecting With Loved Ones From Afar

Being able to spend time with loved ones is something many of us took for granted until a couple of months ago. The pandemic has changed everyone’s lives, and meant separation from family and friends for so many. But there are ways to show those special people that you’re thinking of them. These acts of lockdown kindness will help to keep you connected with loves ones from afar.

Sending Flowers

Acts of Lockdown Kindness - Connecting With Loved Ones From Afar, peonies

Everyone loves receiving flowers don’t they? Especially when they arrive completely out of the blue. Seeing a beautiful bouquet of flowers every time you walk into a room and breathing in the delicious scent cheers me up immensely. It also helps to bring the outside world indoors and keeps us in touch with nature. My mum and mother-in-law were delighted with their rainbow lily bouquets from Moonpig. Hearing how happy they were to receive them made me happy too 🙂 And I received a beautiful bouquet of peonies which started to bloom the moment I took them out of the box. They’ve brought my living room to life!

Video Calls

Acts of Lockdown Kindness - Connecting With Loved Ones From Afar

Technology is helping us to stay connected more than ever now (I’d never even heard of Zoom until recently!). Admittedly, it’s not the same as being with loved ones in person, but seeing faces instead of just hearing a voice is so important.

Of course not everyone is confident with this type of technology. I bought my mum a smartphone, but not being there to show her how to use it has meant talking her through it blind over the phone. The good news is that she’s now getting used to Facebook so can keep up to date with family near and far. I just wish I’d got her the phone and showed her how to use it before the pandemic. Oh well, hindsight is a wonderful thing! We’ve got my mother-in-law on Whatsapp too and she’s keeping in touch with friends and family while isolating. (This BBC guide to making video calls is very useful for anyone needing help.)

Ordering Shopping Online

As my mum isn’t confident yet in shopping online, I’ve been ordering her beauty essentials for her. Choosing a hair dye was the most difficult thing because she hasn’t used a home dye in years! I’ve been determined not to let my beauty routine slip during lockdown; I think it’s very beneficial to our sense of wellbeing and confidence. (I’ve even tried some new home treatments which I’ll be sharing with you soon). Eventually, I managed to find a dye for both my mum and my mother-in-law and have them delivered. (It wasn’t easy though – it seemed people were stockpiling certain beauty items as much as toilet roll at the start of lockdown!) Things like skincare, makeup and haircare may not be considered as essential but I think life would be very dull without them.

Sending Letters and Pictures

Connecting with loved ones doesn’t all have to be focussed on technology. Sending letters, photos and pictures from younger family members means a lot. Writing a letter or card takes more time and thought than a text, and it’s nice to have something physical to keep.

Playing Online Quizzes

Acts of Lockdown Kindness - Connecting With Loved Ones From Afar, Zoom call

Thanks to apps like Zoom we can now have virtual get togethers and pub nights. You could arrange a weekly quiz night with friends and family, taking it in turns to be the host and question setter. Prizes are optional, depending on how generous you’re feeling!

Do something together 

Acts of Lockdown Kindness - Connecting With Loved Ones From Afar, book

Although you can’t be physically together, there are still activties you can share. You could read the same books/watch the same films and meet up virtually to discuss them. Or you could try crafting projects such as knitting and sewing. If you’re feeling energetic, you could work out to the same YouTube videos and share your progress. Doing something meaningful together while remaining apart can help to keep you involved in each other’s lives.

Make Plans To Do Something in the Future

Acts of Lockdown Kindness - Connecting With Loved Ones From Afar, packing for a holiday

Of course, nobody knows when we’ll actually be able to do the things that we have been so looking forward to with our favourite people. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t start making plans now. Make a bucket list of places to go and fun activities that you can do together when the restrictions are lifted. And remember that this won’t last forever!

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19 responses to “Acts of Lockdown Kindness – Connecting With Loved Ones From Afar + Sunday Reflections link up”

  1. Mica says:

    Those flowers are lovely! I agree flowers are a nice gift! 🙂 And we have been using video calls a lot more as a family, it’s so good to see everyone! I’m lucky my parents are very modern and up to date with technology – my mum sometimes reads the boys a bedtime story each day over video call! 🙂

    Thanks for the link up!

    Hope that you have had a good weekend! We had a picnic on Saturday taking advantage of the relaxed restrictions, and then had a lovely Mother’s Day 🙂

  2. These are good ideas Emma. I want to do a pub quiz but they seem to fill up quickly. Im certainly enjoying my zoom drinks though.


  3. Laurie says:

    I’ve only just got Zoom. Not used it yet though! I hope it’s easy. Same for my family Emma,the older generation have got the smart phones and the Apps and I’ve had to talk them through it. I will keep them updated in the future. Who would have thought this would be our only way of contact a couple of months ago! The flowers are beautiful. Who doesn’t love receiving a lovely bouquet xx

    • Emma Peach says:

      It’s so difficult trying to talk someone through using an app when you’re next to them isn’t it? Especially when you don’t have the same phone too!

  4. Congratulations on your lovely new website design Emma – it looks beautiful.

    xx Yvonne

  5. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been sending cards!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  6. So many wonderful ideas, Emma! I have sent cards to my single friends who live alone and are feeling very lonely. I also try to video chat when I am going to call someone. And two weekends ago, my husband and I planned a double date with our friends via video chat after the kids were in bed. We had the best time!


    • Emma Peach says:

      That’s a lovely thing to do! Isobel is going to bed way too late for us to chat to friends in the evening, although she’s usually got headphones on so she wouldn’t hear any bad language!

  7. These flowers are gorgeous! These are all wonderful ideas.

  8. Ashley says:

    Such great ideas- you can never be too kind, especially during times like these!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  9. Jill says:

    Those flowers are beautiful and what a perfect way to send a thoughtful gift to someone during these crazy times! We’ve been playing more board games and have couples date nights on zoom!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

  10. Gail says:

    Beautiful peonies Emma. My brother in law has been running a virtual quiz every week for good causes and gets over 100 people taking part, usually in fancy dress. Thanks for joining #WowOnWednesday.

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