Elevating your casual style with a few simple wardrobe upgrades + link up

November 11, 2018

There are certain wardrobe staples that we wear more for comfort than the wow factor. Changing attitudes to casual clothing means many of us no longer need to dress formally for work. Jeans, track pants and trainers are now deemed acceptable in many social settings, including the office for many of us. But however relaxed the dress code might be, there’s no escaping the fact that image does still matter. It affects how we feel about ourselves and how others perceive us. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we do, even if it’s subconsciously.

If you’re working from home, it’s still nice to feel like you’ve made an effort with your outfit. I find it puts me in a more productive frame of mind. Plus, you never know who might call round! The good news is you don’t have to choose between comfort and style. Thanks to the rising popularity of athleisure there are plenty of options for dressing up while dressing down; it’s all about elevating your casual style with a few simple wardrobe upgrades.


Denim is now acceptable in most social settings, thanks to the many forms it comes in. From coloured to printed to coated, there are plenty of alternatives to basic blue jeans.


Never have I been more happy that it’s now acceptable to wear trainers just about anywhere. Emma Thompson even wore her vegan Stella McCartney x Stan Smith trainers to Buckingham Palace to accept a damehood! She also wore a Stella McCartney trouser suit and looked amazing. That surely means they are now on a footing (see what I did there?) with brogues and Oxfords as office-acceptable shoes. I rarely wear anything other than trainers for work these days (although when I want something formal my Calla shoes are just the job). My bunions have got worse over the last year and I now find wearing most of my high heels for any length of time very painful. To be perfectly honest, it’s just not worth the agony. Yay for funky trainers…and being able to run for the bus. Ok, I lied about that bit, I never use buses 😉

Track pants

Most bloggers spend a lot of time working from home (but you already knew that, right?) so wearing something comfortable is a must. I bet I’m not the only one to sit in my PJs typing on my laptop until midday am I? That’s all well and good…until there’s another parcel delivery and you have to greet the courier looking less than your best. Please tell me it’s not just me! This is where track pants or joggers earn their place in your wardrobe. And I don’t mean the worn out holey ones that you might wear to decorate in! No, no, no…there are some seriously luxe options out there that don’t cost a fortune. You can easily dress them up with a stylish sweater and a jacket. Depending on the fabric and style, you can even wear them with heels for a night out.


Être Cécile sweatshirt

For years I shied away from wearing sweatshirts and hoodies because I thought they were just too casual (and also quite unflattering). But now I love them, especially as there are so many gorgeous embellished designs…you all know I’m partial to an animal motif don’t you? 😉 If money were no object I’d be indulging in some high end labels, but thankfully the high street has some equally fabulous offerings. And, of course, there’s always eBay, which is where I bought the Être Cécile sweatshirt in the photo above from. Wear with jeans, tailored trousers, a pencil skirt or a pleated midi; sweatshirts are definitely no longer boring or basic.

The concept of athleisure has been around for some time now. Love it or loathe it, it seems like it’s here to stay. For some, wearing sports clothes for non-sporting activities feels like a crime against fashion, but for others it makes perfect sense to dress comfortably. I’m now firmly in the latter camp; I can now slob out in style and never be caught off guard by the postman ever again!


Are you a fan of athleisure? Would you wear trainers to work? I’d love to hear your take on dressing for comfort!



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11 responses to “Elevating your casual style with a few simple wardrobe upgrades + link up”

  1. Emma, you are so adorable! I love all of the details you add to each outfit to make it special and unique!


  2. I hadn’t realised that Emma wore trainers to Bucks. How riskee, haha. I really want stan Smith’s but the backs seem hard like they’ll need a lot of wearing in.


    • Emma Peach says:

      I didn’t have any problems with mine, they were comfortable from the first wear, and I usually get blisters from new shoes. The only time they rubbed was when I wore them without socks – I had trainer socks on that kept slipping off my heel and they were driving me mad so I whipped them off in the middle of Euston station! So classy!

  3. amy says:

    So many great casual outfit ideas. I only leave the house twice a week on average, so when I’m out of the house I like to dress up. It just feels good to have on “real” clothes. I love trainers on everyone else, but no matter what I do I feel I look frumpy in them so I do not wear them.

    • Emma Peach says:

      I shied away from trainers for a long time thinking they didn’t suit me (apart from exercising) but now I love them. Just as well really because I can’ wear heels for long periods, my feet just don’t like them any more!

  4. Ruth says:

    I think it’s so fun to switch things up a bit. I agree that just a few little tweaks and you can have one fabulous one of a kind wardrobe!


  5. Jessica says:

    Great tips you have here dear. And yes, comfy trainers can really add character to your casual street look. Anyway, love your picks, especially the sweaters!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  6. stephanie says:

    such great outfit ideas!!! love them!

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