Style Not Age – Styling our January Jumpers

January 28, 2019

Style Not Age - January Jumpers

Happy Monday and welcome to the first Style Not Age challenge of the year! It was Anna’s turn to pick the theme and she chose very sensibly given the weather. This month we are styling our January jumpers in an effort to stay warm (and stylish of course!). I wear jumpers every day for probably half the year. I have thin ones for the milder weather, and chunky high-necked sweaters for when it’s really cold. For this challenge I wanted to feature one that I hadn’t worn for a while, so I raided the cupboard in the spare room and pulled out this mustard leopard print jumper.

It was really windy when we took these photos so I had to wear a hat or you wouldn’t have seen my face!

While I love the colour and the leopard print design, I’m not so keen on the three quarter length sleeves. It seems to defeat the object of wearing a thick sweater if it leaves your arms cold. I could maybe try it over a shirt for extra warmth and to give it a different look. It was really windy when we took these photos so I had to wear a hat or you wouldn’t have seen my face! My hair’s fluffy enough at the moment (after the mishap with the straighteners) without the added nuisance of gale force winds. It was even too windy for the bird,s which scuppered our plans to take part in the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch.

Luckily I have a couple of mustard-coloured hats in my collection (the other one will feature in tomorrow’s post). I bought this vintage beret on eBay for just a few pounds about a year ago but this is the first time I’ve worn it. It’s not the exact same shade of yellow as the jumper, but then neither are the boots. I rather like having different shades of yellow; being too matchy-matchy might have made the outfit less interesting.

 January Jumpers, mustard leopard print jumper, Mango black high waist jeans

Style Not Age - January Jumpers, mustard leopard print jumper, Mango black high waist jeans, River Island yellow boots

I bought these yellow boots in the River Island sale just before Christmas. I’d ordered a few pairs for myself and Isobel, intending to keep my favourites and send the others back. But I guess you know where I’m going with this…yeah, I kept them all! I was hoping to get a pair in mustard to match some I’d ordered for Isobel so that we could wear them with our yellow biker jackets. But unfortunately they’d sold out in my size so I got these instead. Despite the fairly high heel they’re not too harsh on my feet, although I haven’t worn them for any length of time. I can see myself having fun trying them with different coloured tights and skirts!

Style Not Age - January Jumpers, River Island yellow boots


Style Not Age - January Jumpers, Ane and Elle grey shoulder bag

Style Not Age - January Jumpers

Style Not Age - January Jumpers, Asos mustard leopard print jumper, vintage mustard beret

Style Not Age - January Jumpers, mustard leopard print jumper, Mango black high waist jeans, River Island yellow boots

Style Not Age - January Jumpers, mustard leopard print jumper, Mango black high waist jeans, River Island yellow boots

Jumper from Asos (old, similar) | Mango jeans | River Island boots (similar) | Ane & Elle bag (old, similar) earrings from Asos (similar) | vintage beret from eBay (similar) | charity shop bracelet


Let’s see how Jacqui, Hilda & Anna are styling their January jumpers…

Jacqui is wearing a gorgeous cashmere sweater that she got for Christmas. You were obviously on Santa’s nice list Jacqui! Head over to MummabStylish to see more!

I’m loving the detail on the back of Hilda’s blue jumper, it’s a gorgeous colour too. You can read more at Over the Hilda.

Anna has teamed a cosy roll neck jumper with jeans and bright pink accents. Head over to Anna’s Island Life for all the details.


Thanks for checking in on our first Style Not Age post of 2019! I hope you can join me tomorrow for the Style With a Smile link up!


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11 responses to “Style Not Age – Styling our January Jumpers”

  1. Nancy Baten says:

    Noooo, how surprising you kept all! Hahaha. But these yellow ones are really fabulous. Although I am not a huge yellow fan, I think these boots are very good! Great theme this month as we all have to wear them now! So very cold. Yak!

  2. Kim says:

    This is a cute outfit, Emma. I also wonder why jumpers come with 3/4 sleeves! I like all of your yellows, you’re really inspirational with your hats. I bought my first non-summer hat this weekend and can’t wait to try to style it.

  3. Emma, you always have such fun looks. I’m a little to “safe” for yellow booties, but you wear them so very well. A hat to combat the wind is a great idea. I have trouble with that here, but I don’t have a hat collection. Oh well…I’ll just have to wait for non-windy days. HA!

  4. Those boots, Emma! And the sweater and the earrings and the hat! All so fabulous!


  5. jacqui says:

    Love it Emma! Especially your boots, I really need to get some coloured boots into my life! Great challenge as always. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  6. I really love this look! Your boots are too fab!

    Edwige |

  7. Anna Parkes says:

    I love all of your different shades of yellow in this outfit Emma, the sock boots being my favourites which probably not surprise you. I’ve just purchased another pair of sock boots this month, so may have to hold off until pay day until I look at what’s in the sales in this gorgeous golden hue. Have a great week x

  8. Rosegal says:

    I love all the outfits! I really like your boots. Fabulous pictures, xx!
    Famous Footwear Coupons

  9. Maureen says:

    Isn’t that always the problem? We say we will return a purchase but end up loving them all! Story of my life right there too! Love this yellow jumper. The print is of course amazing and the color is stunning. Yellow is a beautiful color to combat those dreads cool weather days. I hope you are having a great day so far and happy Tuesday!

    Maureen |

  10. Lanae Bond says:

    Taking pictures outside can be an hassle. Your pictures look fabulous! I love yellow animal top but it is so unique!

  11. Jessica says:

    This is such a cute look dear! Love the sweater, cute yellow combo too.

    Jessica |

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