My Favourite Jewellery Brands + Sunday Reflections link up

June 3, 2018

My Favourite Jewellery Brands

I’ve always been obsessed with jewellery; I don’t feel properly dressed without it. Over the years I’ve acquired quite a collection but I can always be tempted to buy more! I’m not a jewellery snob – apart from my wedding, engagement and eternity rings I own very few items of fine jewellery. My collection is eclectic to say the least, but there are a few brands that I wear more than others. My favourite jewellery brandsall  have one thing in common: they combine quality, affordability and beautiful design. (This is not a sponsored post btw, I just like to share my favourite brands with you.)


My mum started buying me Pia jewellery via mail order years ago. Every Christmas she would give me a necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings. Now, carrying on the tradition, I often buy birthday and Christmas gifts for family members from Pia. The designs are classic, ranging from more delicate pieces to chunky semi-precious gemstones. The three rings that I wear the most on my right hand are from Pia. They do have stores dotted around the UK. When I lived in Nottingham I often popped in for a browse on my lunch break.

My Favourite Jewellery Brands, Pia jewellery

The sales are not to be missed – you can pick up some fantastic bargains. I usually buy a few pieces to save for gifts…and one or two for myself 😉 Pia also has a range of beautiful clothing and accessories.

My Favourite Jewellery Brands, Pia jewellery


I was lucky enough to win some of Azuni’s beautiful jewellery not once, but twice! The first time I won a bracelet and pair of earrings as part of a big Christmas giveaway run by another blogger. Then not long afterwards I won £100 to spend on the website via Azuni’s Facebook page.

Azuni’s designs blend ancient and tribal artforms with contemporary pop culture and fashion trends to create a style that sits ‘Between Two Worlds’.

Ashley Marshall, founder and designer of Azuni London began his career working as a professional chef in some of London’s top kitchens. Ashley’s interest in jewellery and design was sparked during his travels in South America, where he researched a variety of native cultures, uncovering their ancient arts and philosophies. The relationships developed with indigenous artisans during this time, who were able to weave the most stunning pieces from just a selection of beads and threads. This resulted in the evolution of Azuni’s first collection of beautiful beadwork. Azuni’s designs blend ancient and tribal artforms with contemporary pop culture and fashion trends to create a style that sits ‘Between Two Worlds’. The brand’s profile was given a boost when the Duchess of Cambridge wore Azuni’s Semi- Precious Drop Earrings on a visit to Australia. Every single piece of jewellery is stunning and is a lot more affordable than it looks.

My Favourite Jewellery Brands, Azuni jewellery

Les Nereides

The quirky designs of Les Nereides jewellery really appeals to me. I fell in love with the Paris collection about the same time the city captured my heart. I bought a few pieces from Vente-Privee (a members only online sale site) and a couple from eBay. My best bargain was finding the chunky yellow heart bracelet in a charity shop for about £2.50!

My Favourite Jewellery Brands, Les Nereidesi jewellery

Lola Rose

I’ve long been an admirer of Lola Rose jewellery, but I didn’t actually own any until quite recently. Since being gifted this beautiful chunky bracelet I’m now looking to add one or two more to my collection. Lola Rose has grown from a very small start up to being stocked in major department stores. On her 30th birthday, Nikki Gewirtz received a piece of jewellery that was so special, it changed her life. The gift, which reminded her of her Grandmother Lola, inspired her to start designing her own pieces. Thus Lola Rose was born. I remember reading about Nikki when the company was in its infancy. At the time I had just started to experiment with making jewellery, and I found her success story very inspirational. In fact it’s fair to say that it sparked a love of chunky, semi-precious jewellery in me. I still can’t master that knotting technique though!

Lola Rose bracelet

Eternal Collection

Having collaborated with Eternal Collection twice I can vouch for the quality and beauty of their jewellery. Often, as bloggers we receive things for review that don’t see the light of day after the review photos. Not these necklaces though, I wear them frequently. Their timeless elegance compliments so many outfits.

The Eternal Collection costume jewellery online store was established in 2007 and is owned and run by husband and wife team, Paul and Pauline Buttress. Paul and his team make about half the jewellery, while the in-house ranges are complimented with beautiful items sourced from around the world, including a stunning range of Murano glass necklaces and earrings. You can read more about their story here.

My Favourite Jewellery Brands, Eternal Collection necklaces

Gardenia Akoya Pearl and Black Cubic Zirconia necklace (see original post here) Aurora Crystal Rondelle Heart Charm Silver Tone Necklace (see original post here)

And one to watch: Ottoman Hands

I stumbled upon Ottoman Hands while browsing the Wolf & Badger website (visit at your peril…your bank balance will suffer!). My goodness, I almost hyperventilated, the designs are breathtakingly gorgeous. If you’re not familiar with the site, Wolf & Badger is a curated marketplace for independent brands. Luckily for me, Ottoman Hands jewellery is surprisingly affordable. Even so, I limited myself to buying just one ring. But who am I kidding…resistance is futile when there are so many amazing pieces to choose from. With my birthday coming up in a few weeks I’ll be dropping more than a few hints to the husband…if I can wait that long 😉

So those are my favourite jewellery brands…how about you? Have you ever bought anything from these brands?


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6 responses to “My Favourite Jewellery Brands + Sunday Reflections link up”

  1. You have a great collection of jewellery Emma! I think my favourite might be the Eternal Collection but they are all rather fabulous!! xx

  2. Emma, there are so many amazing, beautiful, and unique pieces in your jewelry collection! Thanks so much for sharing all the pretty things!


  3. You have a wonderful collection of jewelry. Les Néreides is my favorite:)
    XO Tina

  4. Suzy Turner says:

    I remember when you posted about your own jewellery-making and that was so inspiring, Emma! You clearly have a wonderful eye when it comes to accessories, jewellery especially. I do love your taste! I will bookmark this page for when I’ve got some cash to splash lol!
    Suzy xx

  5. Bojana says:

    I whole heartedly agree that accessories, particularly jewelry, can really finish an outfit off. I also love jewelery but my collection is relatively small as I struggle to buy things online, as I do most of my clothes. I like seeing jewelry in person but don’t go out to the store a whole lot. Maybe on my trip this summer instead of picking up another shirt/dress, I’ll focus on seeking out some new pieces to add to my jewelry collection. I really liked the delicate pieces you showed from Azuni. Thanks for linking up with the Continental Drift.

  6. Very good post. Thanks for sharing such a quality post.
    This is very nice.

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