Match Made in Seven: How We Wear Animal Motifs

September 25, 2019

Match Made in Seven: How We Wear Animal Motifs, Louche badger jumper, River Island striped trousers

Welcome to the monthly edition of Match Made in Seven! We are an international group of fashion bloggers who meet once a month. One of us chooses a theme in turn, and that can be anything: a book, music, a color, a movie…  and then we style an outfit based on that theme. This month I got to choose the theme of “How We Wear Animal Motifs” – something I have no shortage of!

Whether it’s foxes, badgers, cats or birds, I love them all…even bugs!

When it comes to animal motifs and prints, I can’t get enough. Whether it’s foxes, badgers, cats or birds, I love them all…even bugs! For today’s outfit though, I’m giving Mr Badger another outing (you can see how I’ve styled this jumper before further down). I absolutely love badgers, but sadly not everyone does; there is currently another cull in many areas of the UK, including my county of Cheshire. It was because of the cull two years ago that I became vegan.

One of the highlights of last year was going to a badger watch to meet Mr Lumpy and Friends. Getting so close to them while they scoffed nuts, raisins and grapes was a magical experience. I’m wearing a Mr Lumpy badge on my jumper to support my stripey friends 🙂

Match Made in Seven: How We Wear Animal Motifs, Louche badger jumper, River Island striped trousers

For an extra dose of animal magic, I’ve added my velvet cat bag and a delicate elephant ring. The trousers are part of a suit that I bought from River Island earlier this year. I previously teamed it with a T-shirt and red crossbody bag.

Asos velvet cat bag

Louche badger jumper


Match Made in Seven: How We Wear Animal Motifs, Louche badger jumper, River Island striped trousers

Match Made in Seven: How We Wear Animal Motifs, Louche badger jumper

Louche badger jumper, River Island striped trousers

Louche badger jumper from Asos (old) | River Island trousers (old) | Marks & Spencer shoes | Asos bag (from eBay)

This jumper has featured on the blog a couple of times before:

Louche badger jumper

Badger jumper with pleated skirt                           Badger jumper with tracksuit bottoms


Some more animal motif outfits

Monki jaguar jumper, Joules corgi jumper

Monki jaguar jumper                                                              Joules corgi jumper

Joules fox jumper, Scotch and Soda snow leopard suit

Joules fox jumper                                                             Scotch and Soda snow leopard suit

Arabella and Addison cat and mouse jumper, Asos Elizabeth Lau dog jumper

Cat and mouse jumper                                                          Asos dog jumper


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18 responses to “Match Made in Seven: How We Wear Animal Motifs”

  1. Nancy says:

    You have a lot of animal motifs! Love the badger sweater. We always see a lot of dead ones down the road in the UK. My hart brakes when we see that. We hardly have them in the Netherlands. This was a fun theme, although I had only one motif!

  2. says:

    WoW… you do own a lot of Animal prints and printed shirts! And I love it!

  3. Emma this theme is a home run for you 🙂 I am in love with every animal jumper you wear. You look amazing!
    XO Tina

  4. I would love to try out this trend! Thanks for sharing, hon. You look really cute.
    Adi xx |

  5. Very cute animal motif outfits, Emma! Love all your styles!

  6. Emma, you for sure are The Winner of Animal Motifs! Oh, I envy you all your animal sweaters, so cute!


  7. You look great and like a sexy fox! Have a great day, dear Emma!

  8. You look fantastic, Emma! I love the badger graphic on your jumper – I have a very similar one with a fox-face on it. Aw, why would anyone cull badgers?

    I love the mixing of the patterned/textured suit pants with this pattern – it’s a nice change from a solid.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. 🙂

  9. Ann says:

    When I saw the words animal motif, I obviously had to think of leopard or snake print, so your outfit was a total and very pleasant surprise. Such a brilliant combination with those very covetable trousers. Your other outfits are gorgeous and funky too, but my heart belongs to that first one! xxx

  10. Samantha says:

    Such a cute look. Love the sweater!

  11. Being a huge animal lover myself, I really enjoyed seeing your collection of animal sweaters! If only I could find s shih tzu one! I love the red and those trousers look wonderful, love the style with the flat front and stripes.
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx

  12. Jacqui Berry says:

    Nice to see your love of animals spill out into your fashion Emma, love this whole outfit, your trousers are cute. Jacqui x

  13. Ashley Cramp says:

    Emma I love badgers and do you know even our local brewery is makes badger beer!
    superb choices all round!
    bestest wishes
    Ashley x

  14. Emma, you have the cutest collection of animal jumpers ever! I love them all, I pinned them all! And these stripey pants are perfect with Mr. Badger!


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