New Year Cozy Chic – January’s Stylish Monday link up

January 6, 2020
New Year Cozy Chic, Asos faux fur coat, Scottage leopard print bag, Marks & Spencer brown baker boy hat

Is it cold in your part of the world? Here in the UK the Winter has been quite mild, although it’s quite possible that we’ll get a cold snap in the next few weeks. January and February are often colder than December. Actually, I much prefer cold, sunny days to grey skies and rain. Plus, I get to wear my cozy chic outfits, which is the theme of this month’s Stylish Monday collaboration. (I’ve adopted the U.S spelling of “cozy” for this post to match the collage).

staying true to the cozy chic theme I wore jeans and a roll neck jumper

My New Year cozy chic outfit is based around this gorgeous faux fur coat that I bought from Asos a year or so ago. With blue, black, tan and grey in the mix I had plenty of styling options, but staying true to the cozy chic theme I wore dark blue jeans and a roll neck jumper. As well as picking out the blues, I’ve also chosen a tan hat and bag. I bought the hat in the Marks & Spencer sale although I can’t find it online now. Things tend to sell out fast, but this one from George at Asda is very similar.

New Year Cozy Chic, Asos faux fur coat, Scottage leopard print bag, Marks & Spencer brown baker boy hat

I love chunky roll neck sweaters during the colder months. However, when you’re wearing a big faux fur coat you need a more lightweight one. This blue sweater from Mango is very thin and great for layering. With the jeans, it provides a basic blue foundation for the statement coat and allows the tan to stand out. I’ve added my really old brown boots and gold jewellery to finish off the outfit.

New Year Cozy Chic, Asos faux fur coat, Scottage leopard print bag, Marks & Spencer brown baker boy hat
New Year Cozy Chic, Asos faux fur coat, Marks & Spencer brown baker boy hat
Asos faux fur coat, Scottage leopard print bag, Marks & Spencer brown baker boy hat
Scottage leopard print bag, Ottoman Hands gold and turquoise ring
Asos faux fur coat, Scottage leopard print bag, Marks & Spencer brown baker boy hat
New Year Cozy Chic, Asos faux fur coat, hat
Ottoman Hands gold and turquois ring
Asos faux fur coat, Scottage leopard print bag, Marks & Spencer brown baker boy hat


New Year Cozy Chic, Asos faux fur coat, Scottage leopard print bag, Marks & Spencer brown baker boy hat

Asos coat (old) | Marks & Spencer hat (similar) | Scottage bag (bought in France) | Roberto Cavalli sunglasses | Mango jumper (old) | Jones boots (old) | Lisa Angel earrings

Let’s find out a little bit about my blogger friends and see their New Year cozy chic outfits…

Nancy Baten - Cozy Chic

Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style lives in the Netherlands. Much like the UK, the Winters are predominantly grey and often wet. The temperature is typically around 5C with occasional snow. Nancy is keeping out the chills in a gorgeous purple coat and faux leather leggings…very stylish!

Nicole of High Latitude Style lives in Alaska where the Winters are 7 months long and temperatures can drop to below -40F or -40C! She’s staying warm in a fabulous floral print coat and faux fur hat.

Robin LaMonte of Hello I’m Fiftyish lives in Atlanta, Georgia. I love the combination of black and red faux leather with the check wrap. Very chic!

Suzanne lives in Northern California where the climate is mild and Winters are short. Wearing a lightweight coatigan and baring your ankles is not a problem in this part of the world! See more over on her blog Ask Suzanne Bell.

Nina of Sharing a Journey is from Florida where it’s often warm and humid in Winter. A biker jacket layered over a shirt is perfect for the cooler spells, which I gather Nina rather enjoys!

Julie of  Fashion Trends and Friends resides in Illinois. Her fabulous yellow jumper will brighten up any Winter’s day!

Cindy of Middle Sister Style Blog calls Denver in Colorado home. Definitely very cozy and chic in the teddy coat and leopard print scarf.

Andy of Pearls and Pantsuits lives in northwest Louisiana, where apparently the weather is quite unpredictable. Andy says the next few months will probably be rainy and cool, but nobody really knows! Ready for whatever the weather has in store, Andy is looking very chic in a houndstooth check coat with red gloves to hand! 

Hilda is from Ireland which experiences cold North winds and frequent rain. Visit her blog Over the Hilda to see more of her super stylish navy and tan outfit!

Now it’s your turn to show your outfits!

New Year Cozy Chic - January's Stylish Monday link up collage

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16 responses to “New Year Cozy Chic – January’s Stylish Monday link up”

  1. Nancy says:

    A neck sweater is indeed perfect for colder days. Otherwise a thick scarf is needed. Don’t you just wish it was spring again! Lol.

  2. So many lush looks. Your coat with the leopard handbag–perfect!

  3. Love all the cozy chic looks! I love the blues and browns in your fur coat, great design! I have a similar cut coat with grey leopard print. Your leopard bag is a wonderful mix with the jacket too.
    Sounds like me, where you need sunshine even in the Winter, as I am not fond of grey days either!
    Happy 2020!~
    jess xx

  4. so cozy! i live in Northern California…mild winters…coldest we will get is 31-32F in the wee morning…days are coldest at 48F…so we do get to wear winter clothes out here!

  5. Emma,

    Love your faux fur jacket especially the colors and pattern! I look forward to our monthly themes and seeing how each beauty interprets it!

    Julie xo

  6. Jennifer says:

    I really love that coat!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  7. Emma, this coat is breathing new life into my day! I freaking love it! And the blues and browns together are so pretty. A color combination that I love but you don’t see it too often. Great outfit!


  8. Ruth Josey says:

    What a wonderful coat and I love the color of that sweater! I have a little hat like that and I’m so glad you reminded me – I need to put it to work this winter. You did a beautiful job on creating this look and I love your bag with the leopard print! All of the ladies did a wonderful job with creating cozy looks. I think Nicole has the biggest challenge in not looking like a big puff. She’s managed to maintain a slim line (in all of her looks in the post) and still stay warm. Though I must say that the ladies alternating warm days and cold days (same here) do face quite a challenge. You never really completely put away your summer wardrobe :/


  9. Anna Shirley says:

    Cozy chic – I love that. Where is the snow??? o)

    I wish you an amazing year 2020.


  10. Amy Johnson says:

    Such a cozy jacket! It looks so soft.

  11. Michelle says:

    Emma, I totally love this outfit. Using your faux fur jacket to guide your choice of colors for the rest of the outfit and the accessories is very appealing to me. I’ll be pinning this.

    Really adorable purse!


  12. GlossyU says:

    So many inspirational outfits!!!

    I really love that coat!


  13. Jessica says:

    That’s such a chic coat indeed. Super cozy too!
    Jessica |

  14. Amber says:

    Your coat is a fabulous piece, and it looks so cozy!

    I hope you are having a fabulous week so far!



    Follow Avec Amber on Bloglovin

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