Snake Print Shirt and Shoes

March 21, 2015

Snake Print Shirt and Shoes, Mary Portas snake skin blouse and Topshop shoes

There seems to be a bit of a theme going on with my outfit choices of late…first a double dose of leopard print and now a duo of snake print. When putting this outfit together, the Topshop lace up shoes (which I first wore on the blog here) were the starting point because they are comfortable without compromising on style…just what I need right now as I’m nursing a sore foot. I paired them with a Mary Portas blouse which has a lovely mix of browns and neutral shades. The Asos peg leg trousers are great for transitioning into Spring/Summer as they’re lightweight and work well with so many items in my wardrobe – I just wish they wouldn’t crease so easily, damn it! I’ve bookended them with the snake print shirt and shoes and added a trench coat; well, as we’re now officially in Spring I had to wear a trenchcoat! The bright orange bag provides a pop of colour against the neutrals.

Topshop lace up snakeskin shoes Asos peg leg trousers

Snake Print Shirt and Shoes, Mary Portas Snake print blouse Asos peg leg trousersBlouse: Mary Portas, trousers: Asos, belt: Asos, shoes: Topshop, bag: Alexia, trenchcoat: Philosophy Blues.

How do you navigate the change in seasons? Do you have any fail-safe fashion tips? I’d love to read about them in the comments! Thanks for reading, have a lovely weekend!

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One response to “Snake Print Shirt and Shoes”

  1. peteymeaty says:

    Mmmm wouldn’t mind getting my snake out for spring with you!

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