Tips For Creating a Relaxing Bedroom

September 25, 2020
Tips For Creating a Relaxing Bedroom

At times we all get bored and a little bit tired of looking at the same setting of our home, including our bedroom. Sometimes just a few simple tweaks to your room can make a big change to the overall look, and consequently your mindset. If you have a busy day at work, coming home to a tidy and tranquil space can really lift your mood. A cosy and restful environment is particularly important througout the winter. Here are some tips for creating a relaxing bedroom where you can fully recharge.

Add some accessories

Tips For Creating a Relaxing Bedroom, photo from Unsplash

Rearranging and adding a few accessories in the room can make a big difference. Plants make us feel connected with nature and don’t have to be reserved for the living room. The snake plant is a natural air purifier, while peace lilies increase humidity. Valerian and lavender are known for their calming properties and are ideal if you have a sunny windowsill.

Placing a rug by the bed not only looks cosy, but also feels lovely under bare feet first thing in the morning. Displaying artwork or photos on the walls personalises your space and adds depth. If your room is small, mirrors will create the illusion of more space. Adding a bedspread or throw is a simple update for winter, and you can simply store it away during the warmer months.

Avoid Clutter in the Room

Tips For Creating a Relaxing Bedroom, photo from Unsplash

Throws and cushions on the bed look stylish, but discarded clothes do not! It’s always better to remove unnecessary clutter from your room. Things like laundry baskets, piles of clothes, electronic devices and chargers can take up a lot of space in your room…as well as your head. Once you get rid of these things it will automatically help you to feel lighter and your room much more relaxing.

Make your bed inviting

Tips For Creating a Relaxing Bedroom, photo from Unsplash

An unmade bed can totally change your room’s atmosphere. If you want to feel fully rested you should tidy up your bed and make it as comfortable as you can – preferably soon after getting up. We spend a lot of our lives in bed so it’s important to create a peaceful environment in order to rest and recharge. A neatly arranged bed will help you achieve a calm atmosphere. You’re more likely to get an early night if your bed is snug and inviting. Adding nice bed linen will help you to achieve this. There are many brands offering cosy bed linens and bedspreads in various sizes. One such place to get your hands on super king bedspreads is from Yorkshire Linen. If you’re lucky enough to have a super king size bed I’m very envious…I would love a huge bed!

Let the natural light through 

Tips For Creating a Relaxing Bedroom, photo from Unsplash

Getting the light in your room just right will make a huge difference to the look of it. You can do this by hanging net or voile curtains that diffuse the light. Too little light coming in can feel gloomy and oppressive, but too much can be overwhelming. If your room gets the sunlight in the morning, blackout curtains can help you to sleep better for longer, especially in the summer months. On the other hand, if your bedroom is naturally dark you could try a light-based alarm clock to help you wake up in the mornings.

As we head towards the winter it’s important to create an oasis of calm in our bedrooms; it certainly helps me to get through the cold and dark months. Do you have any tips for creating a snug and peaceful bedroom?

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Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Yorkshire Linen.


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  2. I adhere to all of these tips for my bedroom! I need it neat and clutter free and cozy as can be! I am in the market for a new comforter but might want to do an entire bedroom makeover. Not sure yet! Thanks for sharing all of these tips and ideas and linking with me.


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