Birthday Bloopers + Sunday Reflections link up

July 21, 2019

Birthday Bloopers 2019 + Sunday Reflections link up

Happy Sunday! Today is my birthday…which means it’s time for the annual cringefest of birthday bloopers! After a very busy week I’ve escaped to France for some sunshine and relaxation. Waking up in a hotel near Stansted after four hours sleep wasn’t the best start to my birthday, but spending the rest of the day with a nice glass (or two) of red in the French countryside makes it all worthwhile, especially as I get to spend time with my Dad šŸ™‚

Birthday Bloopers 2019

Whenever I wear a hat I like to do photos with and without it. Somehow I always get caught taking it off or putting it on. (I like to take the photos without the hat first so I don’t have “hat hair”). You can see the full postĀ here.

Birthday Bloopers 2019

It looks like I’ve fallen asleep standing up here…surely I couldn’t have been that tired. Then again, it’s quite possible. See more photos of this fabulous Scotch and Soda suit (where I’m looking more awake!)Ā here.

Birthday Bloopers 2019

I’m not keen on showing my midriff, so whenever I wear cropped tops I’m constantly fiddling and pulling them down. I love this pink and lilac combination though, which I wore for ourĀ Style Not Age April post.

Birthday Bloopers 2019

I don’t know whether I’m snarling at the photographer (that’s my husband!) or I’ve got an itch that I urgently need to scratch. Either way, it’s not the most flattering expression. At least the Zara mustard co-ord looks good though!

Birthday Bloopers 2019

I’m looking at that cardigan like it offends me, but in reality I was wondering what to do with it. In the end I hung it on a tree. Isobel’s snap happy approach to taking blog photos ensure she captures every awkward transition shot! You can see theĀ Stylish Monday Summer Whites postĀ here.

Birthday Bloopers 2019

This photo’s fine until you scroll down to my feet. Goodness knows what I was doing…probably trying desperately not to sink into the grass! It happens a lot. See more of this Finery shirt dress and beautiful Calla sandalsĀ here.

Birthday Bloopers 2019

A quick photo shoot during a break from work…complete with my security pass! We’d taken about half a dozen photos before either of us realised. See more of this Zebra print dressĀ here.

Birthday Bloopers 2019

No I haven’t got dandruff! Just me fiddling again. See the original post featuring this fabulous Fabienne Chapot hot pink hatĀ here.

Birthday Bloopers 2019

Trying not to sink into the grass again while taking photos for the Stylish Monday Seven Shades of Green March post. It also looks as though I’m about to curtsy…maybe to the photographer. Actually, I think I’m adjusting my trousers – I wasn’t happy with how my shirt looked tucked in and the belt wouldn’t stay put.

Birthday Bloopers, Match Made in Seven Ode to Iris Apfel

I’m probably trying to explain to Isobel exactly what shot I want here and she caught me looking half asleep. This Match Made in Seven Ode to Iris Apfel post was so much fun to shoot though, even if it doesn’t show on my face…

Birthday Bloopers 2019

…unlike with this photo where I’m pretty sure either Pete or Isobel were trying to make me laugh. She likes to pull faces through the window at me – very fitting for theĀ Style Not Age March MadnessĀ post!

leopard print pencil skirt, Asos velvet cat bag

Henry definitely approved of theĀ Style Not Age Wild About Animal Print theme for August. Maybe it was the cute cat bag šŸ™‚

Birthday Bloopers 2019

But this has to be the ultimate photo bomb! This little lady loves to get in on the action (much like Henry) one way or another. We did take some proper photos of us both to celebrateĀ Isobel’s 10th birthday, but she does like to bomb my solo snaps too!


Ā I hope you enjoyed these silly outtakes! You can last year’s birthday bloopersĀ here. Hope to see you for the Style With a Smile link up on Tuesday!


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10 responses to “Birthday Bloopers + Sunday Reflections link up”

  1. Laurie says:

    Happy birthday Emma! Your bloopers are actually not that bad! I’m not showing mine! xx

  2. Pamela says:

    Happy birthday Emma, love to see your complete kaleidoscope of colors!

    Pamela x

  3. Nancy says:

    Ha ha, I love bloopers. Finally get to see someone elses! I hope you had a fantastic day! Enjoy France!

  4. Jacqui Berry says:

    Happy Birthday Emma, some funny photos here and we’ve all got them! Thanks for sharing your funny piccy’s hope you have a super week. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  5. I like the cat boot best. So funny . I cant get to the linkup for some reason. They aren’t opening up more than about 3 rows so I cant get to the frog bit. Sorry

  6. SUZI GRANT says:

    Happy Birthday Emma, hope you have a wonderful break. Suzi x

  7. Suzy Turner says:

    There are some brilliant photos here, Emma! I particularly love the snarling one lol!! Brilliant!!
    Suzy xx

  8. Oh my word, such cute bloopers! You are adorable. I hope you had the most amazing birthday!


  9. Jessica says:

    Happy Birthday dear! Loving these blooper picks, so adorable!

    Jessica |

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