Monki Turquoise Jaguar Jumper and Yellow Cord Skirt

February 8, 2020
Monki Turquoise Jaguar Jumper and Yellow Cord Skirt

How’s your weekend going? We’re currently waiting for storm Ciara to arrive – it’s already getting windy. Sunday’s weather forecast looks dreadful so I’ll be staying indoors. Luckily I’ve been able to get a few sets of outfit photos done later in the day now the nights are drawing out.

I don’t usually post on a Saturday but my blog schedule has gone awry lately; the Sunday Reflections link up fell by the wayside due to the other commitments I have. Sometimes it falls that I have Style Not Age on Monday, my regular Style With a Smile link up on Tuesday and Match Made in Seven on the Wednesday. So posting on a Sunday would make it four consecutive days of posting, which is too much for me…and probably you too! So I’ve decided to make the Sunday Reflections link up monthly rather than weekly. It will probably be the third Sunday of the month as I participate in the Stylish Monday link up on the second week of the month.

I stalked this Monki turquoise jaguar jumper on eBay for ages

Anyway, onto today’s outfit. Despite the recent brighter weather I’m still craving colourful outfit combinations. I stalked this Monki turquoise jaguar jumper on eBay for ages. I’d seen it on a couple of other people at work but unfortunately it was sold out. In these situations eBay is the place to go! It took a while but I finally got my hands on one.

Monki Turquoise Jaguar Jumper and Yellow Cord Skirt

The last time I wore this jumper I teamed it with a purple skirt and pink beret and bag. While I was reorganising my clothes I just happened to notice that the jaguar motif is the same shade of golden yellow as my cord skirt. At first I wasn’t keen on the black boots and tights (I thought black was too heavy) but it’s not warm enough to go bare-legged yet! So I added the black and leopard print bag to bring the outfit together and make the black tights and boots less incongruous.

To complete the look I chose jewellery in keeping with the turquoise and golden yellow colour theme. The bracelet is one of my own creations and it’s almost as if I made it especially for this outfit!

Do you look on eBay for sold out items that you really want or do you use other resale sites?

Monki Turquoise Jaguar Jumper
Monki Turquoise Jaguar Jumper and Yellow Cord Skirt
yellow cord skirt, leopard print bag


Monki Turquoise Jaguar Jumper
Monki Turquoise Jaguar Jumper and Yellow Cord Skirt

Monki jumper (from eBay) | skirt from C&A in Madeira, similar) | bag from bought in France) | Ottoman hands ring | M&S earrings | handmade bracelet

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5 responses to “Monki Turquoise Jaguar Jumper and Yellow Cord Skirt”

  1. Nancy says:

    Good choices about the blog! You should do as you feel you should! The storm is now heading our way! Is it very bad? I love your skirt, such a 70s feel! Love the matching nails!

    • Emma Peach says:

      Thanks Nancy…I hadn’t even realised that my nails matched my jumper! The storm was bad overnight Saturday to Sunday but we got off lightly compared to elsewhere in the UK. I hope you don’t get it too bad!

  2. Emma, this jumper is fabulous! I love the colors, too. And such a great skirt! I hope you all are okay with the oncoming storm. Stay safe!


  3. Jessica says:

    What a fun color combination dear! Cute print too.

    Jessica |

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