Red and blue floral print shirt dress + link up

June 12, 2018

Red and blue floral print shirt dress

We’ve been really lucky with the weather in the UK recently – I can’t remember when we last had such a long spell of warm and sunny days. I’m loathe to pack away all of my coats and jumpers just in case it comes to an abrupt end. But given the lack of space in my wardrobe I really need to put some into storage, just to make finding my summer clothes a bit easier. The same goes for shoes; I have a lovely pair of pale blue slingback mules (seen in this post) that I really wanted to wear with this red and blue floral print shirt dress. Just one problem: I couldn’t find them. I have so many pairs of shoes under beds and in cupboards and no organised storage system.

This classic style shoe works well for an office-appropriate look, but for a more modern take I’d opt for white ankle boots…

After two attempts to locate them I had to admit defeat and wear these red shoes instead. One of my jobs for next week when I’m off work is to organise my clothes and shoes…and find the elusive pale blue slingbacks! Luckily, these red shoes are a good match for the dress and have a low heel, although they do pinch my bunions a bit. This classic style shoe works well for an office-appropriate look, but for a more modern take I’d opt for white ankle boots instead…if I had some that is. All those shoes and no white ones…can you believe it?

This red and blue floral print dress is one of three I ordered from Zara recently. It’s a nice, light fabric, so great for the summer, and the length is just right for me. The knotted detail doesn’t sit on my natural waistline (that old problem!) so side-on it looks more like an empire line when it rides up. I kept the colour palette simple, sticking to just red and pale blue with my accessories and jewellery. I’m wearing a ring and bangle from two of my favourite jewellery brands – Ottoman Hands and Azuni, which I featured in my recent post about jewellery. Azuni have a Summer sale on at the moment which was too good to resist, so I’ve treated myself to an early birthday present 😉

Do you have an organised storage system for clothes and shoes, or are you like me and can never find what you’re looking for? Please tell me I’m not alone!

Red and blue floral print shirt dress

Red and blue floral print shirt dress


Red and blue floral print shirt dress, Love Moschino quilted bag, Ottoman Hands ring, Azuni Hermia bangle

Red and blue shirt dress, love Moschino quilted bag

Zara dress | Marks & Spencer shoes (old, similar) | Love Moschino bag (similar) | Ottoman Hands ring | Azuni bangle


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This is where I link up!


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21 responses to “Red and blue floral print shirt dress + link up”

  1. amy says:

    What a stunning dress! I love the print and the way it wraps in front.

  2. Pam Greer says:

    So pretty! Love the red and blue combination!

  3. Jodie says:

    Dresses are truly my fave in the summer, and this one is so pretty Emma!!
    I am pretty organized, however, I don’t have a great system for my shoes….LOL!!

  4. Emma, this is so pretty. I love the colors, the print, and the adorable twist front detail!


  5. love the red though and I bet White boots would be spectacular. I feel your pain went looking for a skirt I wanted to wear and it appears to have suffered the same seasonal transition fate, where the heck is it. Don’t forget A Labour of Fashion on Thursday would love to see your fun looks shared.

  6. Jennie says:

    Oh, you look fabulous! Love this bright color and cute front twist. This length looks great on you, too.

  7. Gail says:

    Nice dress! I have exactly the same problem with storage. About three pairs of shoes are missing and I think they must be in the loft. I just hate going up there!

  8. Wow! So funny as I was thinking about buying that exact dress on Zara yesterday! We are gong to be out of town so i didnt want packages. i may just buy it when we come back. It looks so good on you! I love the red with the light blue flowers. I just love red- and its striking with yor complexion too , Emma! Great bag with this look too!
    I really need a new closet organization. I have nothing for my shoes, but 2 racks overhead, much of my shoes are on the floor. Not ideal!
    Have a great week!
    jess xx

  9. jacqui says:

    I’m into this colour mix Emma, it’s fabulous. I hope you find your shoes, I had the same problem the other week, they were hiding in a dark box at the back of a side unit! thanks for hosting too. Jacqui Mummabstylish

  10. Joi @INMYJOI says:

    You look gorgeous in red Emma!!! Love the way you styled this dress!

  11. Emma love those shoes! perfect with your gorgeous dress and bag.
    You have such a pretty garden too.
    Happy tuesday!
    Linking to you for the first time, so thank you for hosting!
    (just off to link you to my post now)

  12. Beautiful dress Emma, red looks fab on you and this dress hugs you in all the right places xx

  13. Cheryl Shops says:

    I have a pretty organized system—my clothes are organized in my closet by type, and I have racks below for all of my shoes (special ones are stored in boxes on the shelves above, with my bags in dustbags). We have a store here in the US called The Container Store, and I’m a huge fan. 😉
    Cheryl Shops |

  14. Laurie says:

    You are most certainly not alone! I have the spare room for my clothes and I’m quite organised and tidy. However, if I’m getting ready for photos or going anywhere I can annihilate that room in minutes! I need a room makeover for sure! The red shoes look great with the dress but I hope you find the blue ones!
    Laurie xx

  15. Laura says:

    Red is such a beautiful color on you! I love this dress! I have my clothes in several different closets now. I hope one day I will have a closet that I can fit everything in!

  16. Suzy Turner says:

    I try to be organised but after about a week, my wardrobe usually ends up a total mess lol! You look gorgeous. That dress is lovely! Love the shoes and bag too 🙂
    Suzy xxx

  17. Kelsey Bang says:

    I love your dress! you rock it!!

  18. Can’t believe what weather we are enjoying – till today! Love those colours on you , just lovely. x

  19. Nailil says:

    The dress is stunning on you. I love the color in the print.

    Xx, Nailil

  20. Red and blue are very fine together, dearest Emma! You look wonderful in this dress!
    And I can understand that you like the warm weather in the UK. I can tell you that in April 2010 there was also a very nice sunshine period in your home country. At that time we were on vacation in southern England. That was when the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökul broke out and paralyzed the air traffic. So we could not fly home and “had to” extend our vacation. What a pity, because we had sunshine every day and enjoyed it very much! 🙂
    Today I join your linkup with a dress that some of my followers have called “very british” 😉
    Hugs fro here, Traude

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