New Season Denim Directions: Style Not Age

March 30, 2020
New Season Denim Directions: Style Not Age

I hope you all had a good weekend! Mine was very quiet, in fact I didn’t leave the house at all. Saturday was a very lazy day, but I was a bit more productive yesterday and got some jobs around the house done. I tried to get Isobel to join me in a workout but she wasn’t interested…oh well, at least I tried!

This month’s Style Not Age theme was chosen by Gail, our newest member. I guess a lot of us are spending more time wearing jeans lately, so we’re sharing our new season denim directions. I originally had a completely different outfit planned for this post featuring camo print jeans, but at the last minute I changed my mind and wanted to wear blue denim. I’ll be sharing that outfit in tomorrow’s link up post.

New Season Denim Directions: Style Not Age

I really needed some colour to perk up my mood so I gave this sheer top with an oversized bow its first outing

I had various blue denim outfits in mind, mostly involving jeans. But as I wear jeans quite a lot when I’m at home I decided to dig out my old denim jacket instead. I bought it from Debenhams at least 15 years ago and it still looks as good as new! It’s got a good amount of stretch in it so it’s really comfortable – I’m not a fan of rigid denim.

I really needed some colour to perk up my mood so I gave this sheer top with an oversized bow its first outing. It’s a Zara lookalike that I found on AliExpress when I bought the green organza blouse. It’s almost identical in shade to the culottes, which I bought from Marks & Spencer a couple of years ago. I added leopard print shoes and clutch bag to break up the pink and add a “third colour” (because we all treat leopard print as a neutral now, right?).

These restrictions on shopping and movement are forcing me to get a little more creative and figure out new ways to wear what’s already in my wardrobe. At least that’s one good thing to come out of it!

New Season Denim Directions: Style Not Age
New Season Denim Directions
New Season Denim Directions


New Season Denim Directions
New Season Denim Directions
New Season Denim Directions
New Season Denim Directions
New Season Denim Directions

It was freezing cold but I wanted to show you what the top looks like without the jacket.

And Isobel was keen to join me with a denim and pink outfit…she even worked some leopard print in too 🙂

New Season Denim Directions

Let’s take at look at how my blogger friends are styling new season denim directions!

Gail has chosen a denim shirt dress with fabulous patterned tights and pink metallic ankle boots. See more of her outfit at Is This Mutton.

Jacqui is showing us her new denim boiler suit with a cheery orange biker jacket. Head over to Mummabstylish to see more.

Hilda is rocking dark skinny jeans with a leopard print jumper. Visit her blog Over the Hilda for all the details.

Anna has a bit of a Western vibe going on with her cheerful outfit. You can see more at Anna’s Island Style.

Thanks for joining us today, I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing our New Season Denim Directions! Stay safe everyone xxx

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7 responses to “New Season Denim Directions: Style Not Age”

  1. Emma, I am loving this bright pink on you. And the leopard and denim are so good with it. I can’t get over how adorable that giant bow on your shirt is! And Isobel is rocking the pink and leopard, too! I need to get dressed one of these days. I have been in sweatpants or jammies for the past two weeks!


  2. Jennifer says:

    I really love this colour!!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  3. Jacqui Berry says:

    I adore this combo – and pink with leopard print is one of my all time favourites. Thanks for sharing today. Jacqui

  4. Anna Parkes says:

    Oh my goodness, how I love that organza blouse Emma! Do keep me in mind when you tire of this one…

    Stay safe x

  5. I love this vibrant colour. It looks so good with the denim. Plus, the organza blouse is so pretty.
    Alison xx

  6. You look so stunning in this outfit. You are so right about those bright colors being mood lifters!

  7. Sherry says:

    So pretty pretty!! That color is great on you!

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