Chic and Cozy Coats – January’s Stylish Monday Link Up

January 11, 2021
Chic and Cozy Coats - January's Stylish Monday Link Up
Chic and Cozy Coats - January's Stylish Monday Link Up

Welcome to January’s Stylish Monday link up! It’s been very cold here in the UK, so this month’s theme of chic and cozy coats couldn’t have been more appropriate. We rarely get snow in my part of the world, but we’ve had several dustings since Christmas and some hard frosts. I would much rather have that than rain and grey skies any day!

Chic and Cozy Coats, The Chain Designs crocheted vest, vintage C&A cream hooded coat

Vintage coat from a charity shop

I found this beautiful coat in a charity shop for just under £10. At first I hesitated to buy it because I already have a lot of coats but it was just too lovely to pass on. I’m so glad I did buy it because it’s been keeping me warm in the frosty weather. It’s vintage C&A – a retail chain that closed down years ago in the UK but is still going elsewhere in Europe. The hood is detachable but I think it looks better with it. Still, it’s nice to have options!

Underneath, I’m wearing a gorgeous new crocheted vest from The Chain Designs – a small independent company that I found on Instagram. They are launching a new website later today It’s handmade and beautiful quality. It’s a great layering piece over a thin roll neck top. I teamed it with my very old tan trousers and cream satin trainers. My orange bag and jewellery pick out the orange in the vest.

Chic and Cozy Coats, The Chain Designs crocheted vest, vintage C&A cream hooded coat
Chic and Cozy Coats, vintage C&A cream hooded coat
Chic and Cozy Coats, vintage C&A cream hooded coat
Chic and Cozy Coats, The Chain Designs crocheted vest, vintage C&A cream hooded coat
Chic and Cozy Coats, The Chain Designs crocheted vest, vintage C&A cream hooded coat


Chic and Cozy Coats, The Chain Designs crocheted vest, vintage C&A cream hooded coat
Chic and Cozy Coats, The Chain Designs crocheted vest, vintage C&A cream hooded coat
Chic and Cozy Coats, The Chain Designs crocheted vest, vintage C&A cream hooded coat

Asos trousers (old) | vintage C&A coat (from a charity shop) | crocheted vest from The Chain Designs | bag from TKMaxx (old) | New Look roll neck top| SVNX sunglasses (from Asos)

This is where I link up!

Disclaimer: I was gifted the shirt in return for a review. All words and opinions are my own and completely honest. This post contains affiliates links which means I may earn a small commission for any purchases made through themThis is at no extra cost to you. This helps towards the running costs of the blog and is very much appreciated.

Now let’s see how the other ladies in the group are styling their chic and cozy coats…

Amy of Amy’s Creative Pursuits

“As a Wisconsin Gal, we have severe winters and live in parkas all season long.  I have parkas of all styles, lengths, and colors filling my closet, but for this challenge I wanted more of a statement coat so I chose a very old pea coat that rarely gets worn. It’s a fun, unique coat, but not that practical for my climate.”

Suzanne of Ask Suzanne Bell

“As someone who wears a lot of black and denim, a fun coat is an instant game-changer. From animal print to bright red – I like my coats to be fun. Throw some faux fur into the mix, even better. And yes, I have been known to wear a coat over my pajamas!”

Nina of Sharing a Journey

“I love styling coats and jackets in the winter; layering accessories, playing with shapes and colors.  In today’s post, I am sharing a few thoughts on elevating your coat styling game.”

Nancy of Nancy’s Fashion Style

“I always have a lot of trouble finding the perfect winter coat! This one wasn’t! On the blog post from last Friday I am wearing the perfect one. This one has a fabulous color but that’s all it has. No pockets, no lining, no collar. It was given to me and I really loved the color, but passed it on!”

Andy of Pearls and Pantsuits

“I’ve had this snuggly leopard print coat from Chico’s for several years now, and find myself reaching for it again and again. It’s the perfect little layer for our milder winters, and for my cold office! Not to mention that anything leopard is always a good idea!”

Nicole of High Latitude Style

“In Interior Alaska, winter lasts about seven months. Temperatures can be anywhere between 40 below (or less) zero to slightly above the freezing point. While around the freezing point a loden coat works fine, a heavy down coat is a Must at 40 below. These coats make everyone look like the Michelin Men.  Shearling  or goat coats work fine down to -30C (~-22F).”

Julie of Fashion Trends and Friends

“Winter coats, jackets, gloves, mittens, hats and scarves are all a must have living in Illinois!  Of course, a girl can never have too many of varying colors, lengths and styles!  I might just have two closets full!  This long length plaid (I’m always mad for plaid!) coat was a must have from Old Navy this year!  It’s the first plaid coat in my collection!  I think it pairs great with my star sweater and these navy fur trimmed boots.  Every winter I think I might add a coat or two to my collection!  After all, it is the thing everyone sees first in the winter!”

Shelbee of Shelbee on the Edge

“I have a bit of an obsession with coats especially since I live in a snow belt where winters are long and frigid. And I am usually drawn to dramatic statement coats which I love to search for in thrift shops. That is where I found this Jordache white faux fur coat a few years ago and it cost less than $10. I don’t wear it often but when I do, I feel like a fancy polar bear!”

Ada of Elegance and Mommyhood

“I think coats are a closet staple if you live in the Midwest. We have had our share of cold weather and snow as you will see from this post, today, but overall it is mild (that means in the 30s & 40s for us). Speaking of closet staples, if you don’t own a Winter White or Cream one yet, you should. I think a classic wool coat in cream will be timeless and it can last you for several years to come. I love mine (it’s from Loft from last year and both Loft and Old Navy have almost identical ones this year). Stop by the blog today to see sweet Vivian also, in a pretty blush pink coat.”

Michele @Seechele_styles

“This fur leopard coat is reversible to a rain coat…it’s over 15 years old and will never go out of style!”

Gwen of Gwen Lives Well

“Needless to say, living in Florida, I don’t get much of a chance to adorn my winter gear. Sure, we get a few days in the 50s, but generally, a leather jacket or wool poncho is all you need. So while I donated most of my ‘heavy winter coats from my New York life’ collection ages ago, I still have a few favorites, which I share on the blog. The coat pictured here was purchased just a few years ago, as an in-between coat – not for weather that’s too cold, but cold enough for more than a wool poncho! Perfect for New York in November, pre-pandemic, 2019. “

Now we want to see your chic and cozy coats…or anything else you’ve been wearing lately!

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18 responses to “Chic and Cozy Coats – January’s Stylish Monday Link Up”

  1. Amy Johnson says:

    Such an amazing coat! I love that it has a hood!

  2. mireille says:

    Such gorgeous coats! I do believe everyone should have one longer one either the length of yours or at least where it goes near to your knee because it is so warm. A statement one dresses up any outfit. Mine is red!

  3. Happy New Year Emma,
    That coat is a perfect neutral that goes with everything. Great find. I love your crochet cropped sweater vest. A real Bohemian pop of color.

  4. What a great preloved coat, Emma! I do love buying preloved coats. And that crocheted jumper is so cool. I love the vintage feel of it and I bet it would look really cool with your flower trouser suit, too! Do the colors coordinate with the suit? It looks like they might.


  5. Jennifer says:

    Love your coat so much!

    Curated By Jennifer

  6. Nancy says:

    C&A closed here too, well at least here in our city. I use to go there as a child. I want to shop with you, you always find these fantastic items.

  7. Katie says:

    Love your coat and how you styled it! Have a great week!


  8. Andy says:

    Wow Emma! I love your little crochet sweater. It’s absolutely darling, and pairs so well with your trousers. This outfit is a perfect example of stylish winter fashion! Love our collaborations, and look forward to seeing you each month. Stay safe!

  9. Alexandra says:

    Awesome crocheted top! So great to see how you style it. I don’t do many cropped tops, but I might just try this.

  10. Anna says:

    Love your coat Emma, and the crochet top is lovely

  11. Grace Liang says:

    Love that vintage coat!

  12. Love the crocheted vest, it especially pops with the coat!

  13. You all have such fun coats! I love the soft oatmeal color of yours!

  14. Di says:

    Gorgeous coat and such a great thrift find! I love that it has a hood and the style is classic and timeless. Also, your crochet vest is so adorable, and a great retro color combination.

  15. Rena says:


    Most of my coats are thrift store finds which is a great way to add variety to your wardrobe without spending a ton of money. I can see why you didn’t pass on buying your fabulous coat. And I adore that new vest of yours. I’m a crocheter myself and I think it’s wonderful to see people wearing handcrafted items.


  16. Emma,

    Such a great find! Your coat is lovely and fits you perfectly! Don’t you love when that happens!

    Another fun monthly collaboration!

    Julie xo

  17. Michelle says:

    Your cost is lovely, and what a great deal! But that vest is the stealing the show. Love it!


  18. Jacqui Berry says:

    A girl can never have too many coats! I never throw any away and have a few. Nice to see all of yours. Jacqui x

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